Woman who battled depression decided to end her days

A 28-year-old woman in the Netherlands has made the shocking decision to end her life through euthanasia, despite suffering no physical health problems.

Zoraya Beek, resident of a small Dutch town, faces serious mental health problems that have led her to make this difficult choice.

Although he faces no physical problems, ter Beek’s mental health has reached a point where he feels he cannot move forward. After exploring all available treatment options and receiving the news that psychiatrists cannot offer any further help, ter Beek concluded that she cannot continue living under these conditions. In an interview, he expressed: “If there is no improvement, I simply cannot continue living like this.”

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Beek’s decision has generated intense debate and raised questions about euthanasia in relation to mental health. Although euthanasia in the Netherlands is legalized under certain strict conditions, ter Beek’s case raises new questions about the limits and ethical implications of this procedure in cases of mental illness.

Ter Beek has openly shared the reasons behind his choice to opt for euthanasia. Despite being physically healthy, she faces significant challenges due to depression, autism, and borderline personality disorder. Although he fears the unknown, ter Beek has come to accept the inevitability of death and has chosen not to continue fighting in vain.

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ter Beek’s request includes having euthanasia carried out on the couch in her home and then being cremated, with no music played during the procedure. Your wish is to receive a sedative from the doctor first, followed by the medication that will cause your heart to stop.


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