Serious complaint in Chile against Gonzalo Valenzuela

Serious complaint in Chile against Gonzalo Valenzuela
Serious complaint in Chile against Gonzalo Valenzuela

“I am going to tell something that happened to me this year, several months ago. I just arrived at a party, just like that. I was like fun, I was having a good time. And inside there was a poker table and there were bills on the table and everything. And they invite me there. I sit and Next to him was the actor Gonzalo Valenzuela. And he shows me an extreme sex act on the phone and tells me to go with him, and I say no.”the 51-year-old decorator, separated and mother of seven children, began to relate.

But the actor would not have liked her response, so he would have acted inappropriately with her. “And in the middle of the street, he grabs my vagina from the bottom up, but still, very hard. I was very bad and, the day I spoke to a psychologist and told her what had happened in great detail, she told me that everything was sexual abuse, and she told me ‘you have to report it,'” Rocha explained.


Karla Rocha was the one who accused actor Gonzalo Valenzuela of alleged sexual abuse. Archive.

“I think that, If it had been any man, he would give birth to him in a trial. But I started to question myself because he was known, and I didn’t know whether to get into that and put myself through all that stress. He has a reputation for being a womanizer. He has a thing for heavy women. He has a thing with heavy partying. “He has a thing with heavy drugs,” he stated.

Gonzalo Valenzuela responded to the accusation

Valenzuela decided to break the silence in the renowned Velvet Magazine, where he revealed details of this serious accusation. “What is the complaint that a woman made against you for alleged sexual abuse by you towards her, after a party where they were playing poker?” was the question they asked him.

The artist was clear and pointed out that this issue should be seen by Justice: “That is where it should be, which is in the hands of justice. That is a topic that I do not touch on because it seems super delicate to me.”

“That there will be more complaints like this, maybe yes, because there are very bad people capable of inventing terrible things”he added.

In turn, he reaffirmed his innocence: “I am calm because I have never done harm to anyone. In Argentina it happened to me that there were women who said they had been with me and that I had never seen them in my life. All slander.”

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