US Congress approves Law to facilitate free Internet access in Cuba

The Fiscal Year 2024 Subcommittee Act, passed by the United States Congress, could facilitate access to Internet of Cubans on the island, at a time when social networks are already their main channel of complaints against the regime.

Two of the protagonists of the approval of this law, Republican congressmen Mario Díaz-Balart and Carlos Giménez, stated in a press conference at the headquarters of the Brigade 2506 Museum in Hialeah Gardens, that this legislation defeats the Biden administration’s arguments to do no more for this access.

The funds from the United States budget that could enable Cubans to access the Internet are 43.5 million dollars from the Open Technology Fund program to confront Internet censorship in the world, including in Cuba, approved in this Fiscal Year 2024 Subcommittee Act, legislation that, according to Congressman Díaz-Balart, chairman of this Subcommittee on the Department of State, Foreign Operations and Related Programs that provides funds for national security and foreign policy , strengthens protection against threats from enemies to the security of the United States, such as the Cuban dictatorship.

The Subcommittee Law for fiscal year 2024 also absolutely prohibits financing with the North American budget of the so-called MSMEs, most of them controlled and operated by the regime itself, and denies the delivery of visas to the United States to any government official and international organizations linked to the exploitation of Cuban doctors in the dictatorship’s slave missions.

This legislation, which in the North American Congress also had the leading role in its promotion of the Republican congresswoman María Elvira Salazar, approved an increase of 25 percent, about 25 million dollars to support democracy and the activists who fight for freedom and human rights in Cuba, another 25 million for the transmission to the island of Radio and TV Martí and independent sources of information, and demands that Congress be consulted before humanitarian assistance is sent to the island.


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