A woman tried to steal a police officer’s gun, attacked other officers and had to be subdued by seven officers

A woman tried to steal a police officer’s gun and attacked three other officers

A woman carrying a faca in his backpack and that he was throwing stones at the neighbors in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Foresttried to attack and steal the policeman’s gun who had intervened to control the situation last Saturday. Far from calming her spirits, the attacker began to attack him and, later, she did the same with the rest of the troops present who, finally, managed to stop her at the intersection of Portela and Ramón Falcón.

“Go Go”, She can be heard repeating constantly in the video that illustrates this note, and which was filmed by a local resident. Meanwhile, she tries to provoke the agent again and again. It all started when the woman was found throwing stones at the local residents. At that point, the matter became personal: With sudden movements and pushes, he tried to take away the policeman’s service weapon, which he was carrying on his right side.

Although the situation became increasingly tense, the cash finally decided to run to the side while he notified his peers. Almost immediately, the woman retraced her steps and He hit hard the fence of a paint shop that is located right on the corner, where everything started to get worse.

Minutes later, the sequence escalated and became even more complex: it is no longer one but seven members of the staff of the Neighborhood Police Station 7 C of the City Policewho attended the scene of the incident, those who try to reduce it. Surrounded by them all, she faced and tried to hit one of the police officers that were present. Finally, after minutes of tension, three police officers managed to arrest her.

Just at that moment, her purse was thrown on the street and was picked up by one of the staff members. Subsequently, one of the officers who was at the scene of the incident searched her preventively. It was at that moment when he found a knife blade with faca-type fabric handle in the wallet, According to police sources, Infobae. For this reason, the mandatory contravention act was drawn up. A blue pen was also found in the attacker’s backpack.

A woman tried to steal a police officer’s gun and attacked three other officers

Fortunately, none of the people who were present during the tense moment were injured, nor was the aggressor. In turn, after they managed to subdue her, they transferred her with police custody. The woman was taken to Pinero Hospitallocated on Varela Avenue at 1301 and ten minutes from the place, by staff of the SAMEaccording to information provided by police sources.

In another of the videos recorded about the episode, a group of neighbors are seen watching the entire situation from the sidewalk in dismay, as well as the motorists who were driving through the streets.

The West Flagrancy Unit, led by Dr. Gradella, intervenes in the case.

The woman was throwing stones at the neighbors

They found a faca in his wallet
They found a faca in his wallet
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