Cienfuegos will host the II Edition of the National Digital Transformation Fair

The province of Cienfuegos is preparing to host the second Edition of the National Digital Transformation Fair (FETDI) 2024, on May 22 and 23 of this year.

The Pasacaballo hotel, from the Islazul group, will be the venue for this event sponsored by the Joven Club (JC) and which promotes innovation and collaboration in the field of digital technology in Cuba.

Paula Odalys Gómez Curbelo, provincial director of the Joven Club in Cienfuegos

Paula Odalys Gómez Curbelo, provincial director of the JC in the southern territory, points out that the fair will have business rounds, exhibitions, and conferences, and will show the insertion of Cuban entities in the promotion of the digital transformation of society with development of computer solutions, government services and electronic commerce, cybersecurity, automation, robotics and digital content for the benefit of the population.

About educational robotics and a community project underway since 2023 on digital transformation in the Caonao popular council, of the Pearl of the South, the proposal of the JC of Cienfuegos will be discussed at the meeting.

Gómez Curbelo reports that more than 20 companies have shown interest in attending and confirmed Geocuba, Cienfuegos SA oil refinery, Etecsa, Correos Cienfuegos, Desoft, and the MSMEs PerlaTec and Estevez furniture as sponsors.

“Activating the digital future” is FETDI’s slogan. Its first edition took place in November 2022 in the province of Santiago de Cuba.

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