Fabián Rogel charged Milei for not sending funds to Entre Ríos

Fabián Rogel charged Milei for not sending funds to Entre Ríos
Fabián Rogel charged Milei for not sending funds to Entre Ríos

The head of the Together for Entre Ríos bench in the Chamber of Deputies, Fabián Rogel, charged against the national government for cutting funds to the province. He further said that Rogelio Frigerio is in a “difficult” situation and that the way out of the complex national panorama lies with the governors.

What Fabián Rogel said

“I have the need to express some issues that I believe are essential for the country. I have 40 years of construction and I feel the obligation not to remain silent. The governor must defend the interests of the province and it is very difficult for the President to understand that he is precisely leading a Nation.“, said Rogel in contact with NOW.

The legislator pointed out that “Entre Ríos has a rich history in terms of sovereignty and founding values,” and that is why he questioned the fact that funds are not sent to cover the deficit of the Retirement Fund: “In the 2008 Provincial Constitution We established that the pension system could not be transferred and will not be. “We cannot have pensions that are not enough for the remedies.”

“That the resources from Salto Grande do not arrive is another problem that we must point out. We do not want to confront, but we must make it known,” the radical deputy also highlighted. And he finished: “Frigerio does not want to spoil the situation, but it is difficult. Things must be said, because the provinces are pre-existing to the Nation, we hope to find a way. We do not wish Javier Milei ill, because it would go badly for everyone, but the governors will have to find a way out of this situation.”



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