All members of the main science funding body resigned

All members of the main science funding body resigned
All members of the main science funding body resigned

The resignation of all the members of the R&D&I Agency, the main science financing body, has just emerged. In a published message they explain that Javier Milei’s government is carrying out a plan to degrade science, which it perpetrates through defunding and destroying strategic resources.

Cristina Teresa Arranz, María Cristina Carrillo, Guillermo Ariel Giraudo, Eduardo Daniel Guillermo, Paula Andrea Lenguita, Javier Héctor Tineo, Osvaldo Daniel Uchitel, Rubén Oscar Zárate and María Alejandra Zinni say in the text that His resignation is due to the destruction of strategic resources, such as the dismantling of the computer platform designed to speed up the evaluation of projects.; the dismissal of two key officials for the development of the organization, the directors of the Argentine Technology Fund and the Fund for Scientific and Technological Research; and the arbitrary decision to reduce the staff, affecting basic performance criteria in the required functions.

The degraded Ministry of Science and Technology had for years two key organizations for the scientific development of the country – they say. In addition to Conicet, the National Agency for the Promotion of Research, Technological Development and Innovation Since its founding, it has consolidated its financing objectives for the training of human resources, supplies and equipment for research, technology and innovation in the country. For this, among other resources, it perfected the peer evaluation system, which gave it the prestige and international recognition it has today. To assess the aforementioned journey, it is necessary to indicate that last year a total of 3,000 research, development and innovation projects were managed, which involved the work of 9,000 outstanding specialists in different areas of knowledge. However, and with concern, it is observed that for four months, with the inauguration of the current president of the nation, the organization has been paralyzed. An institutional inaction that was not mitigated with the appointment of the president of the organization, Dr. Alicia Caballero.

“For what has been stated, and despite having made strenuous efforts as members of the board of directors, the highest authority of the organization, to arbitrate the means at our disposal in the attempt to avoid dismantlingparalysis and institutional destruction, we are forced to denounce the situation of institutional deterioration that corrodes the objectives for which the organization was created, and that has financial resources provided by international organizations, until now without execution,” they conclude.

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