They reveal incredible details of how the dismantled drug gang operated in Tierra del Fuego

They reveal incredible details of how the dismantled drug gang operated in Tierra del Fuego
They reveal incredible details of how the dismantled drug gang operated in Tierra del Fuego

Last week there was notice of an important police operation carried out last week in Río Grande that culminated in the dismantling of an illicit association dedicated to the transportation of narcotics. After the arrest of two citizens of Dominican nationality involved in the incident, it was known hours ago what the individual was like. modus operandi of this criminal organization, something unusual because it involves the shipment of drugs by land from the continent to the southernmost province of the country.

According to the information released by the official site fiscal.gob.arOn April 10, the Drug Crime and Federal Crimes Division of the Federal Police disrupted a shipment containing 5.6 kilos of cocaine hidden on board a Renault Megane.

On that occasion, a woman reported “inherent circumstances” related to the sale of drugs, and from that moment on, they asked the Federal Police personnel to carry out observation and investigation tasks on a person.

When initiating this procedure, they noticed that the movements of one of those investigated were similar to those dedicated to the sale of narcotics: maintaining contacts for a short period of time in different parts of the city and carrying out “handrail” maneuvers. In addition to detecting that he changed vehicles several times.

“In effect, the subject moved with a constant state of alert, performed maneuvers such as walking in various directions observing the vehicles parked in the vicinity of his home or leaving his vehicle parked several meters from his home, possibly to mislead whoever could. observe it. In a period of just a few months, He changed vehicles several times and traveled in rented cars.perhaps as part of a strategy to not reveal the maneuvers,” the investigation indicates.

However, investigators highlighted on several occasions the presence of a Chery Face car, which was approached by a person who frequently met another, who also began to be investigated.

Until March 20, 2023, they received another complaint from a person who said he had worked for a restaurant in which they used a Renault Logan to sell cocaine, and reported that two people of Dominican nationality had trafficked drugs via delivery with a gray Peugeot 206. and a black Hyundai.

Finally, they determined that one of the cars that one of the accused regularly used was that Peugeot, which would have been acquired in the north of the country and taken to Río Grande, but that entered Tierra del Fuego on top of a truck and not circulating with a driver. .

“To the extent that its owner did not register the migratory movement through the mandatory border crossing for access by land to the province. It would not be common, since experience would indicate that the path of automobiles is the opposite, that is, they are transported to the north of the country to be sold for a higher price than that offered in the local market,” he points out.

Therefore, they came to the conclusion that the transfer of the Peugeot was a “striking economic activity that covered up the trafficking maneuver” and that the organization used the transport of vehicles from the north of the country to bring drugs into Tierra del Fuego.

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