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Nicolás Comba maintained that the radical “recognizes that the DNU is unconstitutional and decides to vote for it and support it anyway.”

The young leader of Winifreda’s PJ, Nicolás Comba, who knew how to take provincial prominence by having confronted Alfredo Cornejo, current governor of Mendoza, over the cutting of the Atuel River, now came out to confront National Senator Daniel Kroneberger about his position on the DNU 70/23.

“It is true that the DNU is a tool of the government, but it had some features of unconstitutionality in some issues, that is what was questioned,” Kroneberger said in statements to Cpe TV. “We think and believe that if we abruptly take that tool away from the government there could be an institutional crisis, as happened at the time, therefore, the evil is likely to be worse.”

Regarding this position of the senator from Together for Change, Comba considered the Senator’s statements to be “not very serious, for two basic reasons: First, he recognizes that the DNU is unconstitutional and decides to vote for it and support it anyway. On the other hand, he recognizes that the “DNU is bad for people, and they also endorsed it, I don’t know what’s worse.”

The Peronist leader added that “he seems to boast about doing his job poorly. He enjoys cruelty. He enjoys when people have a bad time, not having enough to eat or losing their jobs.”

He bases his position by stating that “a national senator is the representative of the Province of La Pampa in the Upper House of Congress, his job is to dictate norms. Under no point of view can he say that he approved a norm even if he knows that it is unconstitutional. “If a rule is unconstitutional or illegal, the discussion ends there. That should not even be analyzed, I think that is what would happen in any normal country in the world.”

Regarding the DNU, Comba maintained that he thinks “basically the same thing that Kroneberger said, that the DNU is unconstitutional. And that it is also bad for the people, therefore, it is bad for the people of Pampa. That is why I think the position is crazy.” adopted by the Senator and his recent statements”.

Winifreda’s lawyer shared with the radical leader that the DNU “is a tool of the President’s Government. And he also expressed that “as legislators they must be very responsible in the role that society placed them in. “They have to give him the tools that the President needs, but that doesn’t mean they have to approve anything.”

“Congress is – Comba continued – to debate and reach a consensus on laws for the benefit of all Argentines. But that does not mean they are going to support a norm that from end to end is unconstitutional and that on top of that they believe is bad, it is outrageous.”

The Peronist leader ended his criticism of the radical senator with a reference to the president of the Nation. “Milei was right when he said that caste was in all political parties. For some, the phrase do as I say, not as I do fits very well,” he concluded.

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