The hydroelectric dams in Nariño

The hydroelectric dams in Nariño
The hydroelectric dams in Nariño

The pioneer who brought electricity to Nariño in 1942 was the Hydroelectric Plant of the Pasto River Canyon, by Don Julio Bravo. Installing the two Westinghouse Turbines imported from Argentina, generating 2000 Kilowatts, in the Briceño sector. The nascent company was managed by Mr. Bayardo Montenegro, installing the first meters in Pastuso homes and illuminating Boyacá and Rojas Pinilla Avenues.

The Bobo River Hydroelectric Plant: Work that was designed by the Engineer Jorge Rosero Rivera, who served as manager of Centrales Eléctricas de Nariño and was a professor of Integral Calculus at the University of Nariño. The reservoir is located in the town of Catambuco and was built in 1956. Its installed capacity in its two PELTON turbines reaches 3.9 Megawatts.

The Mayo River Hydroelectric Plant: Majestic work of engineering, built in 1969, between the villages of La Elvira and Playa Baja, about fifteen minutes from the urban center of San Pablo. It is located at the foot of the Sanctuary of the Virgin of the Beach, widely visited by pilgrims and devotees. Its capacity generates 21,000 kilowatts, supplying electricity to most of the Department of Nariño and is managed by
Nariño Power Plants.

The Sapuyes River Hydroelectric Plant: The dam is built of reinforced concrete, has two gates, with a depth of 6 meters and a width of 22.20 meters, capable of producing 1500 kilowatts and supplies electricity to the surrounding municipalities.

Nariño Power Plants, Cedenar: It was established through Public Deed 2059, on August 9, 1955 of the Fifth Notary of the Circle of Bogotá. Thanks to their permanent Reforestation Programs, planting native tree species, they have guaranteed their Hydroelectric Plants to preserve the normal flow of water, both winter and summer. Without having that Apocalyptic Threat that several dams in the interior of the country have been suffering, due to the El Niño Phenomenon. The collaborations of the Sena, Corponariño, the mayors and the entities in charge of Environmental Management and Human Resources in our region have been valuable. I remember my friends Hugo and Jorge Bravo, their great officials.

The Illusion of the Patía Hydroelectric Plant: Proposed by the former senator Guillermo García Realpe, who, with compelling arguments, remained anonymous, because this Great Work would constitute the true takeoff of the economic development of our region.

At this time, Nariño would be selling electricity to the neighboring country of Ecuador, reporting to the public treasury. Excellent Profits, which would be invested in many Infrastructure Works of urgent need in our region.

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