Massacre in a bar in Urrao left three dead and one injured

Massacre in a bar in Urrao left three dead and one injured
Massacre in a bar in Urrao left three dead and one injured

09:09 AM

A pair of armed men caused a massacre in a public establishment in the Antioquia municipality of Urrao, where several people were gathered at night. The attack left three dead and one injured.

The murders occurred in the El Pedrero neighborhood, an urban area of ​​the town, on the night of this Saturday, April 20. There four people were victims of two individuals, those who traveled by motorcycle, They arrived at the establishment and without saying a word they started shooting. indiscriminately against those who were there, according to witnesses.

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Around 9:40 at night “The victims were chatting in an establishment open to the public” when they were attacked, according to the initial report from the Antioquia Police.

The victims were identified as Adenawer Beltrán Serna, 36 years oldknown as “Opossum”; Adrián de Jesús Guzmán Giraldo, 23 years old, nicknamed “The Cat”; and a third man, still unidentified at the moment, known as “Gallina”, according to the Institution. Besides, another 53-year-old man was injured and is being attended to.

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At the moment, The authorities are investigating the motives behind this violent act, while “a specialized anti-crime team has traveled to this municipality” to collaborate in the investigations.

Furthermore, in the face of this violent event, from the Police and the municipality’s mayor’s office It was announced that a security council will be held.

This is the first massacre that has occurred in Antioquia so far in 2024. The Southwest has suffered serious acts of violence since 2019, due to drug trafficking groups that dispute its territory.

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