They rescued a woman who had fallen from the Quebrada de Isidris

In a dramatic situation that occurred in the Isidris ravinea 28-year-old woman was rescued after suffering a fall while descending through the place with his partner. The incident took place on Saturday at 6:40 p.m., when the victim, with the initials JT, was injured during the crossing. Hours later, this Sunday morning, they were able to take her to a hospital.

It all started when the woman’s partner, identified as FT, 23, called the emergency services. The man explained that while they were descending the ravine, his partner fell and was injured.

The woman suffered the accident this Saturday at 6:00 p.m.

The rescue team quickly moved to the scene and managed to locate the woman, who was immobilized and subjected to an ascending recovery method for her extraction from the area. Using a sked stretcher, the rescuers managed to move the woman to the second jump, where her partner was.

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However, the operation was complicated due to unfavorable weather conditions. The recent rains in the area had deteriorated Route 13, making the descent from the first monolith difficult. As a precaution, the descent was carried out slowly and cautiously.

Finally, at 06:15 this Sunday, both individuals managed to reach Condor Base, where they were received by medical personnel from the Coordinated Emergency System (SEC). After a preliminary evaluation, it was determined that the man showed signs of exhaustion, while the woman suffered from multiple trauma due to the fall.

After 12 hours, the victim was taken to the hospital.

Given the severity of the woman’s injuries, it was decided to immediately transfer her to Lagomaggiore Hospital to receive more specialized medical care and a thorough evaluation of her injuries.

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