Possible anomalies detected in the construction of the Ibagué elevated bridge

On a recent visit, The control entity obtained the audit reports of the months of October, November and December 2023, in which it is stated that “(…) The auditor’s office has requested the entity to advance the sanctioning process due to repeated breaches of obligations by the contractor Consorcio Puente Carrera 5.”

Possible breaches They would be related to the progress in the execution of the work and the management of the disbursed advance, but also with the obligations that the administration has with the comprehensive social security system, occupational health and safety standards and labor benefits, and Reported delays in payments and in the provision of information and required documentation, among other topics.

In its letter, the Public Ministry stated that with the purpose of prevent risks that may imply the possible violation of the legal system and the impact on public assets, asked the municipal authorities to detail the measures implemented to ensure compliance with the contract and, if any process has been put in place to apply the exceptional clauses and/or the imposition of fines or sanctionsas well as the penalty clause.

Additionally, The officials must indicate how many requirements has been made by the territorial entity to the contractor, If you have filed a claim with the insurance company for compliance risks, and good management and correct investment of the advance disbursed for $2,950,442,020.75, of the total forecast for an approximate value of $12,000 million, among other aspects.

Finally, the Provincial Prosecutor’s Office of Instruction of Ibagué He emphasized that this is part of many other warnings and calls that rhas repeatedly done with respect to this contractual process.


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