They denounce that the former mayor of El Banco threatened a woman for ending a party

A scandal broke out in the last few hours in El Banco, Magdalena, after the owner of an event house denounced that Víctor Rangel, the former mayor of the municipality, He verbally attacked her and threatened to kill her for breaking up a party.

The complaint was accompanied by several videos in which a man can be seen in an apparent state of intoxication and altered by the end of the celebration. According to Melba Rodríguez, owner of the establishment, the rental of the place was until 1:00 am, but the people decided to continue until 2:00 am, so the woman turned off the power.

After knowing the videos and the complaint, Former mayor Rangel denied being the person who intimidated the owner of the establishment and accused her of being part of a campaign to discredit him, supposedly led by the current president of the municipality, Ronald Flórez.

“At no time did that happen, they would have already put me in prison, it is a smear campaign that they are carrying out against me, orchestrated by the current mayor of El Banco, Ronald Flórez, to whom I have filed some electoral lawsuits and I have denounced several events against the public administration,” Rangel stated to the local media Seguimiento.

He further noted that There are dozens of people who can prove his claims. “It’s a lie, there were 30 or 40 people at the party who can account for it.”“I invite the Prosecutor’s Office to investigate things as they are,” he expressed to the local media.

Rangel added that the alleged campaign against him would have been created because he has made serious complaints against relatives of the current mayor.

“I have been subject to persecution and threats, I have requested the National Protection Unit to provide me security, because I have been a victim of pressure for denouncing that criminal gangs managed by the mayor’s brother are committing serious acts in El Banco and against the public administration,” he said.

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