More than 13,000 cattle have died due to water shortages between Atlántico, Magdalena and La Guajira

The northern Colombian coast continues to be one of the hardest hit regions in the country due to the effects of the El Niño Phenomenon, and so far this year 2024, There are more than 13,000 heads of cattle that have died between the departments of Atlántico, Magdalena and La Guajiragiven that farmers and ranchers do not have grass to feed them.

And, according to the latest data provided by Fedegán, Magdalena is the section of these three departments with the highest number of dead cattle (12,488); followed by La Guajira with (346); and the Atlantic (188), added to the almost 15,000 cattle that have been reported in Sucre, specifically

The situation, clearly “critical” for farmers, ranchers and the civilian population itself, still maintains milk production below 50% in almost the entire Caribbean region. being that if before there was a collection of 180 thousand liters daily, today they do not exceed 90 thousand liters.

This is why the price of milk and dairy products such as cheese have decreased, taking into account that if a liter of milk in traditional neighborhood stores can cost around $5,500 pesos, a pound of cheese would be around $13,000 pesos.

“At this moment, farmers and ranchers are experiencing this El Niño Phenomenon in a very harsh way, first due to the scarcity of water and secondly due to the scarcity of food. We are already out of food for our cattle in these departmentsa product of the drought, the little rain… which has led us to not have adequate conditions,” he said.

Added to this is that the price per ton of the silo went from $450,000 to $600,000 pesos so far in 2024which makes it even impossible to purchase food to keep the livestock fed.


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