Mass march in Armenia against President Petro’s reforms


With white t-shirts, flags and Colombian t-shirts, thousands of citizens march through the streets of Armenia against the government’s reforms and ended with a rally in the Plaza de Bolívar.

From the Los Fundadores park in the north of the city, the mobilization began along Bolívar Avenue, 9th Street, 15th Street and ended with a large concentration in the center of the city in the Plaza de Bolívar.

Men. Women, youth, children, adults, pensioners, retired Police and Army personnel, representatives of the different unions of the city and the department, politicians and the community in general marched.

Jorge Hernán Rúa, retired from the Police with the Colombian flag he marched and explained why “the truth is that Colombia is already realizing the quality of government that we have to this day in this short time, almost two years of the government of Mr. Gustavo Petro We realize that this man’s policies are disastrous for the vast majority of the population. in fact. Here we have not found in this march many repentants who voted for Petro and are sorry for having done so because definitely the country at this moment is in uncertainty and does not know where it is going.

and added “the President dedicated himself to governing the country through X, which is what it is, because his social page there as the most favorite and that seems to me to be not ideal for a country with the problems we have today, it seems that it will only be governing for a segment of the population where here we have to govern for all the 50 million Colombians government.

Doctors also marched in Armenia

Fabio Cárdenas, doctor at the march in Armenia

Fabio Cárdenas Fabio I am a doctor and I have been practicing the profession for 40 years and I have never felt so much disappointment as I feel these days with this man’s government, Health in Colombia has its problems and deserves some changes, but not the ones this man is proposing, Nothing more was missing, health cannot be managed by the government because we return to what happened a few years ago, corruption and corruption and corruption, some modification must be made but not the ones that this individual proposes, but what this man intends is not the solution, the health does merit reforms but not with the vision or concept that this President has and that is precisely why he joins this march for that and for many things because of the social problems due to poor management, the man has only speech but no He knows how to execute and, worst of all, he surrounds himself with very bad people.

The march ended with a large concentration in the Plaza de Bolívar in Armenia where with harangues and slogans the protesters rejected the reforms and policies of President Gustavo Petro.

This will be the march against the reforms of President Petro’s government in Armenia

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