Representatives of the country met in Unimagdalena

Representatives of the country met in Unimagdalena
Representatives of the country met in Unimagdalena

Thanks to its positioning as an institution committed to the country, with doors open to the community and public entities, the Universidad del Magdalena hosted the meeting of the board of directors of the National Federation of Personerías of Colombia – FENALPER.

Within the framework of the commemoration of the National Day of Remembrance and Solidarity with the Victims of the Armed Conflict, the purpose of this meeting was to analyze the current context of the territories and the work that the legal entities have been carrying out.

In this same scenario, FENALPER established the headquarters of its next annual Assembly and new members of its board of directors were elected.

Through this space, the willingness of the Alma Mater, headed by Dr. Pablo Vera Salazar, to create inter-institutional synergy with State entities in favor of the transformation of the territory was expressed.

“Very pleased to be at this University, I consider it one of the most important in the country. I think that the Institution and its Law program have worked hard to defend human rights. I believe that between the University of Magdalena and FENALPER there are many points of convergence,” said master lawyer Jesualdo Arzuaga Ramírez, director of the federation.

UNIMAGDALENA proposals for articulated work

During the welcome ceremony, Master Lawyer Rosana Lizcano Orozco, dean of the Faculty of Humanities, reflected on working together in promotion, protection and attention to Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law.

One of the proposals from the Institution is that, from the postgraduate programs related to this topic, experiences and knowledge can be validated to obtain degrees and qualify the resume of the representatives.

“It is worth highlighting the University’s proposal to carry out the approval and we will take it into account to make this agreement and bring together human rights defenders and students so that they can do their internships,” said Rafael Moreno, representative of Leticia – Amazonas. .

Another item to highlight was the socialization of the services of the Legal Clinic, where they were also invited to make use of the advice provided by the department of this House of Higher Studies.

Under the principle “people come first” of the 2020-2024 Government Plan, the management of rector Pablo Vera Salazar is aimed at prioritizing not only the benefit of the university community but also the works, maximizing well-being and the quality of services that are offered for the benefit of society.

“We want to work hand in hand with the legal entities, supporting them in their institutional processes, in the care of vulnerable people who require services and what better way to do it than by providing all this contribution from the Legal Clinic,” said master lawyer Melina Quintero Santos, UNIMAGDALENA staff teacher.

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