On the verge of a new march, the discussion tenses the atmosphere in Deputies

The trigger for tensions was a project that “declares support for the claim of the higher education system.”

“It’s time for us to take off our mask. The free education that exists today is a hypocritical lie and no poor person ever sets foot in university.“, launched the libertarian deputy Silvia Malfesiwho was one of the leaders of the discussion and one of those who opposed the approved initiative.

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“We should be worried about a rector who freed the students so that they can attend an event against libertarian projects in education,” he said and then added that “the university is a den of indoctrination.”

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The legislator Gisel Mahmud answered that “they talk about indoctrination and There is no greater example in Argentina of a plural environment where ideas can be debated, different conceptions developed and a critical spirit is promoted, such as universities.“, and added that “there are issues that do work, such as the university, and we are going to defend them.”

The deputy Alejandra Rodenas He said, for his part, that We are facing a government that “persecutes the public university, because defunding is persecution”.

At the same time, he stated that it is totally contradictory that a large part of his cabinet is made up of officials who graduated in the public system as Victoria Villarruel, Luis Caputo, Manuel Adorni, Luis Petriamong others.

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“Defunding is not persecution, you have to get rid of that baggage,” the legislator finally said. Alicia Azanza who also opposed the project.

sharp chainsaw

Entering the budgetary field, Mahmud assured that the budget that universities have today “suffered a cut of 76%.”

“It is the lowest since 1997, to which is added a context of cuts in the CONICETpersecution of researchers, the great drop in teacher salaries and the withdrawal of funds that were sent to the provinces,” he explained.

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Along these lines, Mahmud asserted that “the State changes its priorities, it is not that there is no money,” and he exemplified by comparing: “How can a State that says it has no money acquire 24 war planes in Denmark? If instead of buying 24 airplanes we bought 23, we would have six times the resources that the government needs for the FONID in Santa Fe or we would have 125% of the budget for the UNL.”

The libertarian Malfesi spoke about the budget issue and said that we must “be worried because each student at this free university, in quotes, costs us 340 million per year.”

“We have to be worried if we read the percentage of students received each year in attention to the entrants, it is tiny,” he added.

March in defense of the Public University

Next Tuesday, April 23, various marches called by the entire university community will be held throughout the country “in defense of public education.” With the support of the 73 public universities that Argentina has, the main claims have to do with the financing and care of the scientific and educational system.

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“We want to clearly state that the economic and financial situation that the public university system is going through is serious and that it needs an urgent response from the powers of the national State. The national universities have spoken with different representatives of the Executive Branch in these first 100 days of government and we raise in detail the complex situation of the system,” states the statement from the public universities that make up the National Interuniversity Council (CIN).

In Santa Fe The march is scheduled for 5 p.m. on the UNL Rectorate esplanade. “I hope that the streets put white on black about a program of submission and destruction of the public university. We want to invite everyone to the march next Tuesday,” said Rodenas, one of the authors of the project that was approved.

The project approved in Deputies

The project that was approved in the Chamber of Deputies of Santa Fe declares “support for the claim of the higher education system, especially of the national universities that in meeting No. 91 of the Plenary of Rectors of the National Interuniversity Council expressed the serious situation that Public Universities are going through.”

At the same time, the same text adds that the campus ratifies “its commitment to public, free and excellent universities and a sovereign scientific and technological system.” The initiative was promoted by Rodenas and Germán Scavuzzo.

The project was rejected by deputy Alicia Azanza, Beatriz Brouwer, Silvia Malfesi, Omar Paredes, Edgardo Porfiri and Natalia Armas Belavi. PRO legislators Ximena Sola and María Fernanda Castellani abstained.

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