Petro assures that “the objective of the marches” is “to overthrow the government of change”

Petro assures that “the objective of the marches” is “to overthrow the government of change”
Petro assures that “the objective of the marches” is “to overthrow the government of change”

In his X account, President Gustavo Petro referred to the marches that took place against him this Sunday, April 21, 2024. The head of state stated that to the protesters “he was respected to the maximum” and what we are looking for is “overthrow the government of change.”

At the beginning of his publication, Petro spoke of the numbers of protesters who took to the streets. Likewise, he emphasized the respect they expressed to the people who marched.
The demonstrations against the government had more or less 250,000 people throughout the country, they were strong in their order in Medellín, Bogotá and Bucaramanga. In the other cities, reaching 18 sites, they were weak. The marches were respected to the maximum as will continue to be done. “One of the central characteristics of my government is respecting freedom of expression and the rights of the people,” he indicated on his social networks.

According to the president, the objective of the marches is to “overthrow the government of change.”

“The main objective of the marches is to shout ‘Petro out’ and overthrow the government of change. This process has already begun and is a soft blow that annuls the popular decision for change in 2022. Some sectors of those mobilized want a pact that undoes the reforms that are in favor of the people to maintain the capture of enormous amounts of public money used as profits of individuals,” indicated the head of state.

Likewise, President Gustavo Petro spoke about the social reforms that are being carried out in the Legislature. He also made reference to “hate.”

“Rejection of the reforms by those who believe they are owners of public money, this rejection of winning the middle classes is dressed up through the networks and media with seduction mechanisms focused on hatred and lies. The president is a guerrilla, they say, or because of his popular origins he does not represent us, or because he is from the left, he should not govern.; Hate is the central axis of the message. A hatred that I do not want to return to power because it would kill many people, perhaps, worse than it did in the past. What they long for is open repression, paramilitary massacres and murders of young people,” she added.

Petro calls to march

Subsequently, in his message, the president firmly stated the call he is making to march on May 1, 2024. Likewise, he maintained that it is not about “dividing the country.”

“That past of gangsters in power must not return. Today some expressed themselves freely, the popular forces must respond, this May 1. It is not about dividing the country, it is already divided. It is about making the popular voice also sound. Faced with these different voices, the government will seek ways of understanding. If the right wants to cheat the elections and disrespect the people’s vote, there will be no understanding. The national pact is for the future and not for the past”, he stressed.

“The fate of the government will depend exclusively on the support of the people. Let the people listen then. We have always been open to dialogue and we have always respected our principles by which we were elected. The change consists of more social justice and more equity for people”, concluded President Gustavo Petro.

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