How did Javier Giraldo Neira, the master of sports journalism in Colombia, die?

How did Javier Giraldo Neira, the master of sports journalism in Colombia, die?
How did Javier Giraldo Neira, the master of sports journalism in Colombia, die?

The voice of Javier Giraldo Neira was one of the most important voices in journalism in Colombia. Storyteller and passionate about horseshis work paved the way for many others to emerge in this profession.

Javier Giraldo Neira was born on February 21, 1940 in Manizales. He studied law almost to honor his parents, however, his true passion was always journalism. This would be his true path, covering important events such as the Soccer World Cup, the Olympic Games and even the Copa Libertadores.

Another of his great achievements was being able to have a weekly newspaper whose name was New Stadium. He managed to position this publication as a mandatory reference point for sports lovers, bringing some of the great feathers of journalism to its pages.

“In the country, at 7:00 am I was already exhausted, because He had his corner kicks and his comments there in the newspaper and in the stadium. He was widely read and appreciated by the Colombian sports chronicle,” Jorge Eduardo Torres recalled.

Javier Giraldo Neira was a teacher of industry greats such as Javier Hernández, Iván Mejía, César Augusto Londoño, Ricardo Orrego, Ricardo Henao, Esteban Jaramillo and many more.

However, his work also put him in the eye of the hurricane, even becoming threatened with death for denouncing irregularities in América de Cali. Although his head had a price, the hitman confessed that he would not kill him because he had great admiration for his work.

In 2015, his health began to slowly decline and his prodigious memory began to fail. Seeing that he no longer had the same capabilities, he decided to retire from the sporting world and go to rest at his beloved farm. By 2018 he began to suffer from gallstones, for which he had to undergo surgery. After the procedure he began to develop ascending cholangitis which triggered many other pathologies.

Finally, On November 8, 2018, Javier Giraldo Neira’s life ended up ending due to an unexpected infection.

“Everything indicates that it was a medical failure, because They did not attend to him in a timely manner and then when he arrived from the emergency room, there was nothing to do.. Javier’s death represented the death of an idol of the people of Manizale,” described sports journalist Germán Mejía Gallo.

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