After America’s failure, what happens to César Farías?: ‘It depends on the board’

After America’s failure, what happens to César Farías?: ‘It depends on the board’
After America’s failure, what happens to César Farías?: ‘It depends on the board’

Cali America confirmed its elimination from the League semi-final home runs, after the scarlet team fell 1-0 to Santa Fe on matchday 18 at the El Campín stadium. A resounding failure for the coach Cesar Farías and those directed.

Faced with this bad situation, the Venezuelan coach referred to the defeat, in which America had many unresolved options, and also spoke about his future in the scarlet institution.

América de Cali stagnated at 24 points and will no longer be able to catch up, even winning on the last date, to Once Caldas, which is eighth with 28 points.

​There are six wins, six draws and six losses, a performance of 44.4 percent and one more disappointment in a semester.

​The future of the DT will now depend on the decision made by the directives to evaluate the reasons for this elimination.

​At a press conference, the coach gave statements at a press conference and did not provide details about his future.

Santa Fe vs America

Photo:Santa Fe FC

Continuity in América de Cali: “It depends on the board. I am a professional at this. I understand every step that is taken and I did not come to cause any type of inconvenience to America. I came to collaborate in a difficult situation they had. “We work with dedication, honesty and obviously all this will be reflected.”

Blur definition: “Today we were not forceful once again. In several games they passed us. We had her there several times. It was a difficult away game and yet the team had good responses. The rival with very few chances takes 3 points.”

Santa Fe vs. America in El Campín.

Photo:Courtesy: Diego Cuevas

Self-criticism of Farías: “There are many things to correct and others that the Board of Directors will surely be able to analyze and use for the convenience of the club. That is essential because a moment of reflection comes. We were in a battle and now comes a reflection in which you really need to know what details you need to correct so that you can continue to strengthen yourself and improve the team.”


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