Guillermo Moreno called in Entre Ríos to be prepared

Guillermo Moreno called in Entre Ríos to be prepared
Guillermo Moreno called in Entre Ríos to be prepared

“The objective of the meeting is the reorganization of the Peronist Movement, a labor movement organized on January 24, 2024 that generated a transcendent event, ending the ‘partycratic’ stage of the Peronist cause that led us astray and inaugurated the stage ‘ movementist,’” he said at the beginning of the talk.

Reform of Peronism

According to the leader, “in addition to harassing workers, this government also harasses capital. Then the time came to organize the branch of Peronist businessmen who think about the country.”

Moreno was a pre-candidate for president in the 2023 PASO with his Principles and Values ​​party, outside the Union for the Homeland party. He got 187,893 votes in the entire country: 0.79%.

“We also need the branch of technicians and professionals, because Peronism has always been a cultivator of knowledge, we always respect knowledge and train ourselves, and lately we have moved away from that ability to understand reality and transform it,” he added.

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“In the ‘partycratic’ stage, individual projects and decisions flourished. The time has come to return to the roots: collective projects and decisions made together.”

The former Minister of Domestic Trade commented that his project includes eight ministries. “At the end of the month the government plan will be published so that they can learn and military,” he said according to what he published. The Between Rivers.

“This is coming very quickly. On the 23rd the students and the labor movement take to the streets. The last time we saw this was in Cordobazo, that’s why we are asking for ‘peace and order.'”

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“Be prepared”

“It is a revolution of love and peace, within the framework of the Constitution. We are at an inflection point because this is coming very quickly and there is a transition that has begun. This government today is not the same one that took office on December 10, it no longer makes anarcho-capitalist decisions. We have to be prepared”.

Then, he turned his gaze to our province: “It is very important that we organize Entre Ríos Peronism. This boy they have as governor has my respect, but he was not born for this.”

“This is a province that needs Peronism, passion. If they organize, we will return to the country and to Entre Ríos,” Moreno assured.

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