Instituto played poorly, closed worse and lost on its visit to Regatas in the National League

Instituto played poorly, closed worse and lost on its visit to Regatas in the National League
Instituto played poorly, closed worse and lost on its visit to Regatas in the National League

Instituto did not play well in its presentation in Corrientes. He suffered a lot. Because of his lack of play and also because of his lack of effectiveness, both in three-pointers and free throws. Although he still had a chance to win. He entered the clutch (the definition) with an advantage, but he did not know how to close the game and suffered an incredible defeat.

In Corrientes, Gloria lost at the end, with the local Regatas by 68 to 67. They paid dearly for all the shortcomings that the team led by Lucas Victoriano had. With five seconds left, winning by two (67-65), Nicolás Copello went to the free throw line. The point guard missed both shots and against speed, Franco Vieta scored the triple against the buzzer and gave the victory to the Corrientes team.

With the defeat, Albirrojo drops to the third place in the standings, with a record of 24 wins and 10 losses, behind the leader Quimsa and the Olympic guard of La Banda.

In its poor presentation in the capital of Corrientes, Instituto had presented the defense to fight and arrive with a chance of winning. After allowing 18 points in the first quarter, he allowed 11 in the second and just 8 in the third. But he collapsed in the last one and Regatas scored 31 points.

The blow was felt by Gloria, who had a night to forget in shooting: she made just 25 percent in triples (9/36) and a poor 40% in free throws (8/20). Only the individual hierarchy and the team’s drive kept him afloat, although he was left empty-handed against a rival decimated by injuries.

Nicola Pomoli, with pure drive, was one of Instituto’s standouts with 13 points, 13 rebounds and 4 assists. And Bautista Lugarini, as in the last presentations, the top scorer for the Alta Córdoba team, with 19 goals, plus 7 rebounds and three assists.

Victoriano’s team will take on the last away game of the regular phase on Tuesday, at 9 p.m., against Oberá Tenis in Misiones.

The Institute party

Regatas, despite the major absences of Sélem Zafar, Facundo Piñero and Xavier Carreras, relied on Charles Thomas and the former Federico Elías Institute (he left the team after being champion of the South American League to make room for Nicolás Copello) in the attack , took advantage of a poor Glory offensive. Five losses by Albirrojo allowed him to run home and made a difference of 12: 18-6.

Pomoli scored Instituto’s first triple, in 9 attempts, to reduce the score to 9-18 at the end of the first episode.

Victoriano’s team improved its defense, recovered some balls, and was able to run to score a 7-3 run in just over three minutes to score 15-21. But Albirrojo continued without connecting in the fixed attack. The coach tried with the “twin towers”, Saiz and Acuña, together on the court to look for a game, although the team continued betting on three-pointers without scoring and Regatas escaped again 27-16.

Even though they reduced their losses (2 in the quarter), Instituto was far from their best game, they missed 10 shots attempted in the segment and went to halftime down 22-29 on the scoreboard.

He relied, once again, on defense to get into the Institute game. Pomoli, with his charrúa claw, transmitted the delivery. Then you need a head. But the Uruguayan goes and goes. He crashes, fails, makes mistakes, but he keeps trying. He doesn’t let up on the intensity. And he executed a mini run of 6-1 to close it 28-30 in 2’30.

And both teams dried up. Lots of trying, few and no conversions.

But after trying so hard, he found it at the triple Institute. Pomoli scored and Gloria took the lead for the first time in the game 31-30 with 3’50 left in the third quarter.

With little, Institute did a lot and won the third period 41-37.

Gloria returned to the weak final quarter and Regatas scored 8-0 in less than two minutes to regain control 45-41. Victoriano’s team, without finding the usual line, relied on the appearances of his rich individualities. Lugarini, who had closed the third segment with a triple, was Instituto’s scoring card to fight in Corrientes.

Captain Leandro Vildoza also showed his face, scoring 8 points almost in a row and Instituto took advantage, minimal, to the close. But he did not liquidate it and was left with nothing in the capital of Corrientes.

The match sheet

The games that remain for Instituto

  • 4/23 vs Oberá Misiones (V)
  • 4/5 vs San Martín (L)
  • 8/5 vs Unión de Santa Fe (L)
  • 19/5 vs Platense (L)
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