Colombian Police confirmed the escape of Major (r) Juan Carlos Rodríguez, alias Zeus

Colombian Police confirmed the escape of Major (r) Juan Carlos Rodríguez, alias Zeus
Colombian Police confirmed the escape of Major (r) Juan Carlos Rodríguez, alias Zeus

On the morning of this Monday, April 22, sources from the National Police confirmed to EL TIEMPO that The retired Army major, Juan Carlos Ramírez, alias Zeus, escaped from the prison where he had been held for two weeks.

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On April 10, ‘Zeus’ had been captured, in an operation in coordination with the General Prosecutor’s Office, on the Mutiscua highway, Norte de Santander.

​According to the Police, this morning a massive escape was recorded at the Centro de Cucutá station, from where 17 detainees were flown, where one of the inmates pretended to be sick so the uniformed men entered the place and were overpowered by the prisoners.

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It is a very strange situation, everything could point to an act of corruption, it is not understood why he was still being held in a station with his criminal profile.“said the source consulted by this newspaper.

​At this time, a vast operation is being carried out (closing access and exit routes to the city), with the support of recapturing the fugitives, especially alias Zeus who had been captured for arms trafficking,

The capture of Juan Carlos Rodríguez Agudelo, alias Zeus, occurred in Mutiscua, Norte de Santander.


Rodríguez Agudelo was convicted of being a paramilitary and for his ties to the Norte del Valle cartel, as he was considered Diego Montoya’s trusted man, alias Don Diego, for the cocaine trafficking.

The night ‘Zeus’ was captured, along with four other people, he presented himself to the authorities as members of the National Protection Unit, UNP.

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In fact, he offered a millionaire sum of money to the uniformed officers to let him continue on his way.

That night, a gigantic arsenal was seized in the trucks that were being transported: two 9mm pistols, Glock 17 with 2 magazines and 32 9mm cartridges, 32 40 mm grenades, 15 60 mm mortar type grenades16,940 5.56 mm cartridges, two bars of C4 explosive.

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