“We owe it to the students, not to those who want to maintain their status quo”

“We owe it to the students, not to those who want to maintain their status quo”
“We owe it to the students, not to those who want to maintain their status quo”

The government of Javier Milei This Monday he questioned the university authorities about the mobilization that will take place on Tuesday, April 23 and maintained that The march is “incentivized by politics”although he stressed that the claim by the students is genuine.

“It draws our attention that (the protest continues) having reached an agreement last week, beyond the genuine demand of students, because we owe it to students and those who enter to come out better at the University, have a degree and bet on the future, not to the rest who want to maintain their status quo within an institution as important as a university in Argentina,” said Manuel Adorni.

The presidential spokesperson also explained that the Executive agreed with the university authorities on a 70% increase in operating expense items in March, another 70% adjustment in May, and that it arranged an extraordinary item for hospitals of 14.3 billion pesos.

Although he stressed that there will be no “arbitrary allocation of resources” to the universities, “which would mean an expenditure on the part of all taxpayers.”

“The Government, like every liberal government, values ​​public, secular and federal education, and the truth is that this public education was what made us an educational beacon in America. We are far from wanting to allow these types of places like the universities are used by the politicians in power for their own benefit,” he added.

Public class at the UBA Faculty of Law. Photo Luciano Thieberger

Adorni also wondered why those same authorities did not raise their complaints during the past administration of Alberto Fernández, Cristina Kirchner and Sergio Massa, which left inflation at 211%.

The University of Buenos Aires declared a budgetary emergency and agreed to join the federal university march that will take place on April 23 against the funding cut ordered by the Milei government.


Presidential spokesperson Manuel Adorni said that the national government “values ​​public, secular and federal education,” but that he understands “universities have been operating with severe problems for decades.”

For this reason, from the Casa Rosada They target the authorities for Tuesday’s callwhich promises to be a massive mobilization that will go from Congress to the Plaza de Mayo.

“We are always going to defend the students, their right to be educated and actually have a future in Argentina, which is the only reason we are here, which makes the march motivated by politics. Not that it is not genuine for the students , which is genuine, the march, the claims that they may consider, What we do not consider genuine is that from a desktop they encourage to these types of issues occurring not naturally,” Adorni stated.

In February, the UBA had expressed extreme concern due to the lack of funds due to the freeze ordered by the Government, which forces that institution to continue operating with the 2023 budget.

In March, they also ran a strong online campaign that included a spot called “Let’s take care of what works,” and a series of publications in which they compared the institution’s allocation of public resources with those of other foreign universities and invited people to sign a statement “against budget cuts.”

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