The Argentine press praised Luis Advíncula after Boca Juniors’ victory over River Plate: “This is how these games are played”

The Argentine press praised Luis Advíncula after Boca Juniors’ victory over River Plate: “This is how these games are played”
The Argentine press praised Luis Advíncula after Boca Juniors’ victory over River Plate: “This is how these games are played”

Argentine press surrendered to Luis Advíncula after Boca Juniors’ victory over River Plate – Credits: Getty Images

Boca Juniors managed to win 3-2 over River Plate in Córdoba for the quarterfinals of the Argentine Professional League. For its part, Luis Advíncula He started again and had an outstanding participation during the 90 minutes of play.

The Peruvian defender was quite solid and attentive, both in attack and defense. He even had the opportunity to provide a notable assist for the team’s first goal. ‘xeneize’.

After the vibrant match, the fans did not hesitate to show their happiness for the result and also took the opportunity to shower the player with praise. ‘Ray’, calling him the best full-back in America. In the same way, various sports media highlighted his performance and gave him a great score.

Through its website, TyC Sports analyzed all the Boca players who participated in the commitment. The captain of the Peruvian team also stood out by obtaining eight points, one of the highest marks along with those of Miguel Merentiel, Edison Cavani and Sergio Romero.

“Luis always plays important (commitments) well. Tremendous overflow and assist for the tie before halftime. You are Boca, Luis!“, can be read in the medium mentioned above.

In addition, Ole He emphasized how much the 34-year-old footballer contributes to the team’s offense and also the experience he has to be able to play this type of match. “Great game by the Peruvian. Unbalanced on the right wing in every climb and, above all, in the play that ended in Merentiel’s 1-1. He played how these games should be played”.

Without a doubt, as the days go by, Luis Advíncula He has gained the affection of the fans, becoming a reference for the team. It should be noted that, so far this season, the defender has played a total of 16 games and has provided three assists.

The match started with River Plate looking for the rival goal. In fact, before five minutes of play, they were the ones who came dangerously close with the help of Colombian striker Miguel Borja. Minutes later, his intentions were reflected on the scoreboard.

At 10′, Fernández recovered the ball and gave a pass to Echeverri, who was left unmarked and began to run at full speed. That’s when Boca’s defensive line retreated and let the midfielder ‘millionaire’ thought, giving the ball to Borja, who scored the 1-0 with a right foot.

After that, those led by Diego Martínez began to dominate the game and finally were more offensive. After several attempts, the first one would arrive for them, this after a great collective play between Luis Advíncula and Miguel Merentiel.

The action began with the Peruvian surpassing his speed record. Having already won the race, he managed to make a fairly precise pass, which ended up at the feet of the Uruguayan striker, who was able to calmly define and give his team the tie.

The Peruvian full-back enabled Miguel Merentiel for the tie for the Argentine League Cup. (Video: ESPN)

For their part, the fans did not ignore the great moment that the Peruvian side is going through and through social networks they filled him with praise. One thing to take into account is that ‘Fought’ You already know what it’s like to wear the captain’s sash ‘blue and gold’.

Advíncula reaffirming who is the best full-back in America and Boca“, “Advíncula is playing an important game, how it should be played”, “Advíncula, cosmic kite, what planet did you come from”, “Advíncula is Boca’s best player by far, from a technical and attitudinal point of view”, “Advíncula’s great game” and “What a good move Advíncula made,” were some of the comments.

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