Axel Kicillof will meet with the field and add allies against the Milei government

Axel Kicillof will meet with the field and add allies against the Milei government
Axel Kicillof will meet with the field and add allies against the Milei government

The governor Axel Kicillof will have an extensive meeting with the Buenos Aires liaison table made up of the Argentine Rural Society, the Argentine Agrarian Federation, CARBAP and CONINAGROwhich will have two main axes: The field will ask for a financial bailout from the provincial government and will also seek to submit to a claim towards the government of Javier Milei.

The meeting will be this Monday at 3:30 p.m. in the Golden Room, at Government House. Days ago, the agricultural entities had sent a note to the president in which they requested, as they reported, “to rectify the inconsistencies found in the invoices issued by ARBA, which in many cases exceed the limits approved in the Tax Law 2024 for the different scales of establishments.” rural”.

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As he was able to find out The uncovering Four topics will be discussed: The field will join the claim that the Buenos Aires government has been making to the Nation to approve the agricultural emergency that the Province did enable. In December of last year, the Minister of Agrarian Development, Javier Rodríguez, sent a note to the Minister of National Economy, Luis Caputo to approve the emergency but he did not do so.

From the field they will put on the table the amount of the “rural real estate” fees approved by the Buenos Aires Legislature, and will claim that the national government did not grant benefits from “AFIP”, nor did it give “credits from Banco Nación” for the drought, and that “they did not receive help in the wheat harvest. In addition, agriculture will be shownconcerned about the opening of food imports” and the consequences of said measure.

Kicillof’s last meeting with the union

Last year the governor was at the 8th Agro Political Conference of the Confederation of Rural Associations of Buenos Aires and La Pampa (CARBAP). There the president highlighted that “the policy towards the agricultural sector has been transversal to all areas of our Government, since we aim to promote both production and work as well as better living conditions in all localities in the interior of the province.” .

During his speech, Kicillof He referred to assistance against the drought, which reached more than $25 billion in loans to affected producers; to the results of the Buenos Aires Livestock Plan and the Development Plan for the Southwest of Buenos Aires; investment in technological innovation in experimental farms and good agricultural practices; and the creation of university centers in inland towns through the Puentes program.

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