Teacher was stabbed by her ex-partner in Santiago de Cuba

A Cuban teacher has become a new victim of sexist violence, since she was stabbed by her ex-partner, in the Hoyo de Chicharrones neighborhood of Santiago de Cuba.

The educator of school 31 “Fernando Proll Céspedes”, identified as Triana Ferrer, received several wounds with a knife this Sunday, from the father of her children.

According to the information provided by journalist Yosmany Mayeta Labrada, despite having been stabbed, the teacher remains alive, and is already in a room at the Joaquín Castillo Duany Military Hospital, located in the “Los Cangrejitos” neighborhood.


In a video, you can hear the desperation of one of the teacher’s daughters, while she was being helped.

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The aggressor allegedly surrendered to the authorities after committing the bloody crime, thinking that he had murdered the woman, without imagining that she was still alive.

Neighbors who prefer to remain anonymous said that the teacher’s ex-partner was very violent and frequently mistreated her, even cutting her face and arm on one occasion.

At the moment the motive for the incident is unknown, however, it is presumed that it was motivated by desperation after the separation.

It is worth highlighting that this fact adds to the attempted femicides that have occurred on the island, derived from a growing wave of sexist violence, which seems to be unstoppable due to the lack of action on the part of the police.

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It is worth emphasizing that, in many cases of attacks, women file their complaints, but they are cruelly ignored, giving rise to the worst of tragedies.

Instead of looking for a solution, the regime prefers to ignore it and insists on continuing to repress those who are calling for an end to the nightmare.

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