Emergencies in Cúcuta due to intense rains in the region

Emergencies in Cúcuta due to intense rains in the region
Emergencies in Cúcuta due to intense rains in the region

The authorities of Risk Management in Cúcuta and the communities themselves began to express their concern about the arrival of the rainy season, which can generate multiple emergencies due to floods, landslides and mass removal that can be presented in various communes and neighborhoods of the city.

The heavy rainfall that occurred last Sunday They forced the relief and rescue authorities to attend to multiple emergencies in various sectors of the city, such as floods that affected two vehicles which were swept away and the fall of trees In the heart of the city.

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The director of the Office of Risk and Disaster Management of Cúcuta, Alexander Chávez, He indicated that they will be carrying out the respective registrations of the people who were affected, in order to provide them with support in the rainy season.

In addition, it was ordered to carry out the respective tours to verify that no damage occurs to the families of Cucuteñas, ad portas start the winter season confirmed by the Institute of Hydrology, Meteorology and Environmental Studies (Ideam).

Among the emergencies that have occurred in the last hours in the city, a car accident was reported. a person who fell into a rainwater channel in the Torcoroma neighborhood, who was dragged by the current and was found alive by the police.

He Cúcuta Volunteer Fire Corps reported two vehicles swept away by slow pluvial flooding in the Prados del Este neighborhood, a private vehicle and a public service vehicle where fortunately there were no victims.

Added to commercial establishments affected by floods, that left losses from cooling tanks and refrigerators, merchandise resulting from the collapse of drains and their obstruction.

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The municipal administration carried out the damage assessment and needs analysis of the people who were in the establishments, in order to carry out the necessary actions and meet the needs of this population, where at least 15 commercial establishments were affected.

It is expected that In the coming days the rains will intensify in the capital of the department and, therefore, they ask the communities to be fully alert to emergencies that may arise.

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