Turning point: River lost more than a game in Córdoba :: Olé

Turning point: River lost more than a game in Córdoba :: Olé
Turning point: River lost more than a game in Córdoba :: Olé

04/22/2024 9:45 p.m.Updated on 04/23/2024 00:31am.

“If you have possession of the ball, you decide. If you don’t have it, the opponent decides. I prefer to decide”. On May 29, 2013, just over a year before he assumed his position at River, Marcelo Gallardo He published that tweet during his brief time on the platform. Since the superclásico in Córdoba ended this Sunday, CARP fans retweeted that Doll proverb until it went viral. It was no coincidence: the 19-word message contrasted with the premise that River in hand in hand with Mouth. But not only that: represents an era and above all a paradigm that found a breaking point in the Kempes. And for the first time in many years, at least in the decade, the team’s stance in a derby was to give up the leading role and possession of the ball, perhaps assuming less than his rival from the start.

Even with the same base of 11 that I had found Martin Demichelis against Nacional and Instituto, the game plan was altered beyond the names: River waited for Boca, looked for a direct and long attack to find Diego Martínez’s men in a bad position (something that happened, indeed, in Borja’s goal) and let the cousins ​​be the ones to manage the game, the ones who – in MG terms – decided With the ball. It is not easy to find a close antecedent, but the contrast is more striking just finished an era that was marked not only by the fatherhood of River to Boca but because of a marked position of inferiority on the part of the CABJeven with extreme games like the one in which Alfaro went out to the Monumental to play with triple five and with Soldano and Mac Allister as double sides to look for a draw.

The duel in Núñez on February 25 had already represented a spoiler for some sections in which Boca really was more and had control of a much more even match. But the advance ended up being confirmed in Córdoba and right in the most important superclassic of the last three years. Of course, it is a credit to the rival and Martínez, but the paradigm shift is also explained by the CARP’s approach. A team, that of Demichelis, that averaged 62% possession in the season. And that on Sunday, in its holding percentage of the first half (40%)had an eloquent number, even for a team that took the lead so quickly: in Argentine soccer, River is the one that most maintains supremacy in possession when it is winning.

The lament of Paulo Díaz, consoled by the kid Mastantuono. (AFP)

River changed shape when facing the superclásico

The change of form is a very specific event for the modern history of superclassics and confirmation that River lost more than a game on Sundaybut from a macro perspective it is also a fundamental problem why for a year now Demichelis’ team has been based much more on results than on a stable line of play: the jumps in formations but also in match plans in Depending on the opponent on duty, they account for an electrocardiogram that in any case will always be an enemy of the consolidation of a mother idea.

For the rest, other pathologies of the cycle appeared in the Super. For some time now, River has been a team that does not give guarantees in the head-to-head duels that were its strong point yesterday. and that, with a sudden generational renewal in December and above all without Enzo Pérez, he lost strong leadership to play this type of games. That’s not counting individual performances that are either inconsistent or far below expectations or possibilities.

Because the right side remains without an owner although the players parade through the position, because Enzo Díaz entered a level plateau, because Paulo Díaz seems to need better company, because Villagra is still not regular in performance and is still very far from not only being at the level of his predecessor but to justify the million-dollar investment that was made in him, because the forwards have ups and downs even with the scoring quota that Borja guarantees.

They are traces of a painting that today shows a River that no longer looks like it did in other happy years. On Sunday, in Córdoba, they lost much more than a quarterfinal series, they lost much more than a classic: they lost a form that marked an era.

River did not defend itself with the ball, as it usually does, and paid for it with a very painful defeat. (AFP)

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