Grijalba II mandate begins in shape – Cauca y Valle proclaims

Grijalba II mandate begins in shape – Cauca y Valle proclaims
Grijalba II mandate begins in shape – Cauca y Valle proclaims

Grijalba II’s mandate begins in shape.

According to the great Irish writer, poet and playwright Oscar Wilde (1854 – 1900), in one of his famous phrases: “THERE IS NO SECOND CHANCE TO MAKE A GOOD FIRST IMPRESSION,” a phrase that applies to all situations and contexts in life and with a lot of reason and common sense.

On this occasion, on the occasion of the second mandate for the MUNICIPAL MAYOR OF SANTANDER DE QUILICHAO, CAUCA, of the lord LUIS EDUARDO GRIJALBA MUÑOZ, In his capacity as a Civil Engineer from the University of Cauca, specialist in Construction Company Management and Master in Public Management, for the period 2024 – 2027, such a phrase fits like a glove, instantly reminding me of an everyday and popular expression which says: “He who is a gentleman, repeats”, even said phrase acquires a special connotation, ethics and commitment to the Quilichagüeños and Caucanos, because outside of complying with the 6 components of his government program, with the battle phrase : “QUILICHAO WE ARE ALL”, which he calls PILLARS, is also responsible in this quadrennium to comply with the so-called RIGHTS AND DUTIES AT COP16, to be held in Cali, between October 21 and November 1 of this year , reinforcing the so-called PILLAR V: QUILICHAO IN HARMONY WITH THE ENVIRONMENT.

It is good, fair and necessary, for the objectives of this opinion column, to make a record of the two mandates of the GRIJALBA era. In the first of them, between 2012 and 2015, his government program, supported by the U party, had 14 programmatic proposals and 8 guiding principles. To highlight, he carried out 8 works that transformed Santander de Quilichao, Cauca: the Headquarters of the University of Cauca and the Sena Regional, the Athletics stadium, the new headquarters of the Hospital (still being adapted), 1200 housing solutions, 500 lots low-cost, Avenida Brasil, the paving of two roads: San Antonio sidewalk, and Mondomo-San Pedro, along with 120 blocks in the urban area, the Regional Center for Attention to Victims.

For the current quadrennium, from the 24th to the 27th, of which the FIRST 100 DAYS have already been completed, it acquires more challenges and commitments, with Santander de Quilichao, Cauca, being the second city in the department, with more than 100,000 inhabitants, with its status as to be triethnic and multicultural, outside of being an intermediate, strategic city with signs of becoming a city region. It is good to know the 6 PILLARS OF GRIJALBA’S SECOND TERM:

  • PILLAR I: Quilichao planned, orderly and open government.
  • PILLAR II: Safe and peaceful Quilichao, with the help of the central government, is already being implemented.
  • PILLAR III: Quilichao with social and human development.
  • PILLAR IV: Quilichao with economic inclusion.
  • PILLAR V: Quilichao in harmony with the environment, it being necessary to strengthen the three themes proposed in this pillar, with a view to fulfilling what was projected at COP16.
  • PILLAR VI: Quilichao with social infrastructure. Continue implementing urgent construction and necessary of the Transport Terminal, the new market square, the Mirador de Belén, the Tourist Boardwalk of the Lineal Park, The House of CULTURE, and the access routes to sites emblematic of the rural area.



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