Alleged members of the ‘Clan del Golfo’ fall in Ciénaga

Alleged members of the ‘Clan del Golfo’ fall in Ciénaga
Alleged members of the ‘Clan del Golfo’ fall in Ciénaga

In the development of search, search and intelligence tasks carried out in a coordinated manner between specialties of the National Police and the Gaula Military Group, two alleged members of the armed group ‘Clan del Golfo’ were captured, in the urban perimeter of the municipality of Ciénaga, Magdalena.

Those involved were reported as Osnaider José Manga Suárez and Alexander Alfonso Montano Barrioswho were taken amidst strict security measures to the Immediate Reaction Unit of the Prosecutor’s Office of that town.

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These must respond to the competent authorities for the crime of carrying, trafficking and manufacturing firearms and ammunition.

According to criminal investigation and intelligence work, it was possible to identify three locations where war material was allegedly kept, in the Abajo neighborhood sector where three procedures were carried out under the coordination of the URA Sectional Prosecutor’s Office 15, with information provided by a human source.

During this raid, a firearm, a special 38 caliber revolver type with six cartridges, was seized, in addition to seven nine millimeter pistol cartridges, two of which have expansion bullet modifications, and four 38 caliber revolver ammunition.

According to the Metropolitan Police, Manga Suárez presents judicial notes for the crimes of illegal possession of firearms in 2015 and for extortion in 2012.


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