Members of the ‘El Diablo Combo’ will be charged

Members of the ‘El Diablo Combo’ will be charged
Members of the ‘El Diablo Combo’ will be charged

In the Promiscuous Court of Astrea with Guarantee Control Functions, the hearings for the imposition of charges and security measures against Luis Alfonso Mendoza Tovar, alias ‘El Diablo’, will be held today, starting at 2:30 in the afternoon. and members of the criminal gang that he commanded in the municipality of Astrea, Cesar.

In this case, Ismenia López Salas, wife of alias ‘El Diablo’, Jairo Andrés Urueta, Armando Rafael Mendoza Tovar and Julio Nicolás Gómez Albear will be prosecuted, charged by the Prosecutor’s Office 22 of Chiriguaná, for the alleged commission of the crime of manufacturing trafficking or possession of narcotics.

The subjects were captured in raids ordered by a Guarantee Court in the Simón Bolívar neighborhood and in Arjona and a large quantity of marijuana and cocaine tickets, ready for micro-trafficking, were seized from them. These people remain detained at the Police Station of the municipality of Astrea.


Police uniforms arrived where a couple was arrested. During the search of the Simón Bolívar neighborhood of Astrea-Cesar and their residence, 68 plastic bags containing 84 grams of marijuana were found, in addition to 64 wrappers containing base. of cocaine.

Simultaneously, in another home in the same neighborhood, two men were arrested during the inspection of the place; they were found in possession of 94 grams of marijuana and 72 grams of cocaine.

The operation extended to the district of Arjona-Cesar, specifically in the Villa Lara neighborhood, where another subject was captured carrying 55 grams of marijuana and 38 grams of cocaine base.

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