The Competitiveness Agency launched the TrACcionar Crdoba program

  • Its objective is to link large leading companies with SMEs in the sector, to optimize their productivity and competitiveness.
  • The initiative is coordinated by the Competitiveness Agency in conjunction with the Excellence Foundation and has the participation of the ProCórdoba Agency.

Vice Governor Myrian Prunotto and the Minister of Economy and Public Management, Guillermo Acosta, led the launch of the program TRACTION Córdoba, which aims to harmonize objectives and coordinate efforts of large firms with small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) that participate in their value chain.

In this way, the competitiveness of Córdoba industries can be enhanced and improved, both in national and international markets.

The project is coordinated by the Córdoba Competitiveness Agency, chaired by Minister Acosta, in alliance with the Excellence Foundation, a business interaction network that provides experience and methodology for the development and application of innovative management tools and systems.

In addition, it has the participation of the ProCórdoba Agency in its capacity as an export promotion organization.

“The province of Córdoba has a productive development policy that uses different instruments, including productive chains. What the TrACcionar program does is choose a number of companies that are called tractors to, through them, add SMEs that form part of its value chain by enhancing the competitiveness of the private sector. For the government of Martín Llaryora, promoting the competitiveness of the province is working to improve the quality of life of the people of Córdoba. Minister Acosta highlighted.

In the same sense, the lieutenant governor maintained that “Launching these programs is of utmost importance for all productive sectors, and also that we can do it by working together with the public sector, the private sector and academia.”

For his part, Daniel Herrero, President of Fundación Excelencia, considered that “Today more than ever we have to focus on the value chain, on the group of small and medium-sized companies that support the country’s economic activity. Córdoba has a government that is clear that Argentina’s secret is “strengthen the industrial sector, because being competitive is what will allow us to grow and generate employment.”

The launch of this program took place at the Civic Center and was attended by representatives of institutions such as Córdoba Acelera; Industrial Union of Córdoba, Córdoba Cluster, Automotive Cluster, FAdeA, EPEC, Bancor, Córdoba Lottery, ASETEC, ADIMRA, CAPCA, AERCA, Chamber of Tourism, Foundation Liaison Commission of Agricultural Entities, among others. And executives of companies such as IVECO, Cormetal, Dulcor, Silos Mengo, Ascanelli, Egran, Maxion Montich, Wiidem, Voyansi, Pentacom, Industria Lam, Hotel Quórum, B.Health, CMA Consultora, AYI GROUP, Discar, Capilla del Señor SRL, among other.

Drive development
The program revolves around the synergy between large outstanding companies (drivers) with their respective value chains, which includes the area of ​​suppliers, supply and/or logistics of small and medium-sized companies (drivers).

Leading firms from across the province act as catalysts for the program through their active and strategic participation in the topics to be worked on during the development of the program.

TrACcionar has clear objectives, defined deadlines and contemplates concrete and measurable results after a four-stage process that concludes in six months.

It is a process that mainly seeks to improve productivity and efficiency, guarantee the quality of production, access new markets and business opportunities.

It has an estimated investment of 180 million pesos, of which 50 percent is contributed by the Province and the rest by the participating firms and aspires to include 10 driving companies, each of which will involve 10 SMEs, which gives As a result, 110 Córdoba companies working together to be more productive and competitive.

Registration to participate in the program is open and interested companies can contact us by email [email protected].

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