‘No more photomultas’, the cry of the Cesar transporters

For more than seven hours, transporters blocked the roads throughout the Cesar mining corridor, in protest against the photo fines that in their opinion are excessive, and affect the members of the transport companies that travel through the area daily.

There were around six blockades in the municipalities of Curumaní, Agustín Codazzi, La Jagua de Ibirico, Chiriguaná, La Paz and Becerril, which generated chaos in mobility and endless traffic jams that lasted until noon yesterday after the holding of a table of consultation with the authorities and protesters.

After four hours of dialogue, an agreement was reached and the protest was lifted, which in some points began at 2:00 in the morning, preventing the mobility of heavy-duty, public service and private vehicles.

In this regard, Eduardo Esquivel, Secretary of the Departmental Government, reported that at the dialogue table the transporters presented several proposals that allowed an agreement to be reached.

A census will be carried out to characterize the companies’ transporters and have a difference on the issue of photo fines; All photo fines that are in process will be legally dismantled, a task that the Transit Secretariat and the Codazzi Mayor’s Office will work on.

Likewise, the company responsible for the photo fines undertakes to carry out a technological analysis that allows verifying the system with which the sanctions are set for drivers, since there are complaints about the arbitrary way in which the fines are set with exorbitant amounts.

Esquivel announced that in eight days they will sit down again at the dialogue table to evaluate the progress of the agreements, meanwhile, the vehicles that are located on the Codazzi variant with the photo-ticket system will be monitored by the traffic authorities to guarantee equity when sanctioning traffic violations.

Hernán Baquero, mayor of Agustín Codazzi, assured that special work will be carried out with the Transit Secretariat, to provide support to transporters who have made specific requests regarding photo fines.

They ask to replace the photo cameras with speed bumps. If they do not achieve compliance with the agreements, they will carry out an indefinite strike.

“An agreement was reached to lift the strike that was taking place at the different entrances to the municipality. We will continue to be ready to listen to the needs of our citizens to take the necessary measures,” he said.

For his part, Alex Durán, commander of the Metropolitan Police, reiterated that the blockades were carried out peacefully, there was no need to use force, the coordination protocols were exhausted and important agreements were reached.


Julio Cesar Ditta, Agustín Codazzi’s transporter, assured that there is disagreement among the drivers and the objective of the protest is to request the removal of the cameras in the Codazzi variant and replace them with speed bumps to avoid road accidents.

“Unfortunately, the company that is in charge of this function is like a monopoly that controls the issue in Cesar, La Guajira and Magdalena, where demonstrations have also been generated due to the arbitrary way of imposing sanctions whose amounts are unpayable. There are fines of more than 20 million pesos, so we ask the mayor to put speed bumps and withdraw that concession that is illegal,” he said.

Likewise, Jorge Almarza, affected, reiterated that there are drivers who have up to 5 fines and that prevents them from renewing their driver’s license and carrying out procedures at the Traffic Secretariat, since they are unpayable.

Yesterday’s protest was successful and if the agreements are not fulfilled, an indefinite demonstration will be held, the Cesar transporters warned.

For more than seven hours, the accesses to six municipalities of Cesar were blocked by transporters demanding the removal of the photo tickets located in the Agustín Codazzi variant.

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