Predictions and best bets for Colombia in the Copa América

Predictions and best bets for Colombia in the Copa América
Predictions and best bets for Colombia in the Copa América

There is something to it!, but… What do Colombia’s bets in the Copa América tell us? It is also interesting to analyze the way in which the main sports betting operators consider the Colombia team as favorite to win the title, which among other things would be the second in its history. Optimism reigns and in that sense we made an analysis of the best odds to play with the Tricolor.

That’s how it is. For this edition of the continental competition, the Colombian National Team appears on the list of candidates for the title. This has been possible due to many factors, such as the team’s undefeatedthe good present of the players and the performance in the qualifiers on the way to the 2026 World Cup.

Best betting houses to bet on Colombia in the Copa América 2024

How Colombia gets to the Copa América 2024. Options to bet

The excitement that exists in Colombia is great. It is the key moment to make a leap in quality and a long time has passed since the last title in the Copa América. Why not win it now? The Tricolor is going through a good sporting moment and among the players themselves there is that positive atmosphere of going for glory. The national football leadership also uses the same discourse. It is possible to win the Cup!

Of course, this is football. The enthusiasm that exists in Colombia is also present in Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador and Venezuela. In addition, the current edition of the contest has six guests. It will not be easy to win the title of a tournament that has historically been adverse. So, in Colombia betting on the Copa América there are also other markets available other than the champion and with very good chances of winning.

The team’s moment is quite reminiscent of what happened during the best moments of the 2014 World Cup qualification, when Colombia had a superlative level. A title in the 2024 Copa América would be the most important celebration that the country would have at the football level since 2001, when it won the first Cup in its history. Iván Ramiro Córdoba’s goal against Mexico in El Campín is still remembered.

Will Colombia be the champion of the Copa América 2024?

Colombia’s bets on the Copa América say that the team led by Néstor Lorenzo is third on the list of candidates to win the competition, which speaks very well about the work that has been done by the coaching staff and players. On average, the fee being paid in the early markets offered by betting houses in the country is 13 times the amount bet. He is the fourth on the list of favorites to win the title during the grand final scheduled to be played on July 14 at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami.

Is it a good bet? Futures markets have the characteristic of offering high odds on most of the selections available to bet on. If we review the complete classification for this market, the quota for Argentina champion of the Copa América is 2.75. For Brazil there is a payment of 3.25 and Uruguay 6.00. Logically, it is undeniable that the historical weight of the teams in the competition counts a lot here and Colombia only has one Copa América title compared to the 9 for Brazil and the 15 achieved by Argentina and Uruguay.

The most optimistic believe that it is possible to see the Tricolor and in their Colombian betting slips in the Copa América they go for Colombia. A situation similar to this moment of the team could be Chilewhen in 2015 it won the Cup, thanks to a good sporting level of its players, a golden generation that repeated continental glory in the 2016 centenary edition.

Final position
Equipment Share
Argentina 2.75
Brazil 3.25
Uruguay 6.00
Colombia 13.00

Which group will be the winner of the 2024 Copa América? Colombia Odds

Step by step, Colombia’s options in the Copa América begin during the group stage, where they face rivals against whom they have a chance of progressing to the quarterfinals. It is worth remembering that in this instance the two best teams advance from each of the zones formed by draw.. Colombia appears in Group D, alongside Brazil, Paraguay and Costa Rica. Important rivals, but against whom they have good recent records.

Colombia will debut against the Guarani national team, then go against Costa Rica and close against Brazil, the strongest rival and favorite to take first place in the group. If they qualify in first place, they will face the second in Group C in the quarterfinals., where the United States, Uruguay, Panama and Bolivia appear. Compared to Colombia, Group C presents Uruguay as the main favorite. They should have no problems qualifying, alongside the United States.

Overall Winner – Double Chance
Argentina or Brazil 1.45
Argentina or Uruguay 2.00
Brazil or Uruguay 2.15
Argentina or Mexico 2.20
Argentina or Colombia 2.25

Will Colombia be the winner of its group?

If you want to place bets on Colombia in the Copa América for this group stage, there is one piece of information that weighs and will help you when making a decision: Colombia has not been eliminated from this phase since the edition carried out in 1989. Since then, they have reached the quarterfinals on six occasions, placed third three times, were fourth once and won the title in 2001. Typically, the Tricolor advances without problems. Will it be repeated in 2024?

Strategically, it is quite convenient for the Colombian National Team to finish first in the group stage. Their rival will be second in Group C, where Uruguay is the strongest and almost certainly first in its area. Avoiding the Charrúas would be much more comfortable, although it cannot be neglected either because the United States is the host.while Panama and Bolivia may put up some type of resistance.

The strongest rival that the tricolor will have to seek first place in its group is Brazil, which will be its last opponent in the first phase. Colombia’s bets in the Copa América say that The national team is not a favorite to take first place in the group: Fee 3.70 for this against 1.40 awarded to the Brazilian team.

Group D – Winner
Brazil 1.40
Colombia 3.75
Paraguay 13.00
Costa Rica 19.00

Colombia odds: Will it qualify for the knockout phase?

The analysis of Colombia’s bets in the Copa América They present it as unlikely that the team will be eliminated in the group stage. What is expected is to qualify for the quarterfinals. Whether he does it first or not is another matter. What is not very clear is suffering a setback that costs them their premature elimination in the group stage.

The balance of the national team against its group rivals increases the chances of seeing Colombia installed in the quarterfinals, even without suffering many problems. For example, He hasn’t lost against Paraguay since 2017 and beat him the last two times he faced him.. They faced Costa Rica in the Copa América Centenario (2016) and lost 2-3, but in 2018 they won a friendly 3-1.

They defeated Brazil, the strongest rival that Colombia will have during the group stage, on November 16, 2023 in Barranquilla, a match corresponding to the South American qualifiers for the 2026 World Cup.

Copa América 2024 – Will qualify in Group D – Colombia
Yeah 1.28
No 3.75

Will Colombia reach the final of the Copa América 2024?

This question stars one of Colombia’s most traditional bets on the Copa América for this type of championships and under the modality of advance or future, how these markets usually appear in the main sports betting houses in the country.

History says that the team has only been to two Cup finals. The first in 1975, which they lost to Peru. Then there is the precedent of 2001, when it won its only title and hosted this traditional tournament at the national team level.

Betting operators in the country present this offer under the statement of whether “you will finish in the top two.” On average, for the Selection as a finalist of the event there is a fee of 4.50. It is the fourth in probabilities in relation to the values ​​set in the betting houses.. As with the option for the 2024 Copa América champion, the favorite team is Argentina, followed by Brazil and Uruguay.

Copa América 2024 – Will finish in the top two
Argentina 1.75
Brazil 1.80
Uruguay 3.50
Colombia 4.50

Colombia Betting FAQ

Is it safe to bet on Colombia in the Copa América 2024?

The answer depends on the way in which the situation of the Colombian team is analyzed. Due to history and participation in the contest, difficult. It is not a team that usually takes center stage, beyond regularly qualifying for the quarterfinals.. Tradition weighs and ahead of the Cafetero team there are teams in better shape

However, when the present of the Colombian team is judged, there are reasons to think that it can fight to win a worthy championship. This team is undefeated, has had a great campaign in the Qualifiers and has players in great condition, starters in some of the best leagues in the world. We should not be so pessimistic.

Copa América 2024: What options are there to bet on Colombia?

From the analysis done so far, Colombia can be classified as first in its group. If so, the chances of reaching the final increase. The fee for being champion is attractive, as is the degree of difficulty of this bet.. It is not simple, nor impossible. It is something that will be clear from the performance they show in the group stage.

Where can I bet on Colombia in the Copa América 2024?

There are very good options to place bets on Colombia in the Copa América. The legality of this activity conveys confidence when choosing operators with extensive experience., with very good offers. Today we have BetPlay, Rushbet, Yajuego, Megapuesta, FullReto, WonderBet, Betsson, Codere and Luckia as some of the most recommended platforms.

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