Creg establishes penalties for those who do not save energy during the next six months

Creg establishes penalties for those who do not save energy during the next six months
Creg establishes penalties for those who do not save energy during the next six months

The Energy and Gas Regulatory Commission (Creg) issued resolution 101042 of 2024 that seeks to encourage the efficient use of electrical energy and, in this way, promote the recovery of the levels of the country’s reservoirs and prevent possible shortages.

What the CREG provides with this resolution is “a scheme of differential rates and disclosure programs that must be applied by retail electricity marketers in the National Interconnected Systemin order to promote the recovery of the country’s reservoir levels and prevent possible shortages.”

The individual consumption goal for each regulated user during the validity of the program will be determined from their average daily active energy consumption, expressed in kilowatt-hours (kWh-day)calculated with information from the last complete reading cycle that ended before March 15, 2024.

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“To calculate the user’s average daily active energy consumption goal, the marketer will take the total amount of active energy obtained from the last reading prior to March 15, 2024 and divide it by the number of days corresponding to the cycle of reading”, explains the commission.

If, when applying the previous rule, the marketer observes that the user’s last average daily consumption is 30% top or bottom to the average daily consumption billed in the three (3) complete reading cycles prior to the last cycle, will define as an individual consumption goal for said user, the average daily consumption of the three (3) complete reading cycles, prior to the last cycle. , expressed in kWh-day.

What is the benefit?

The Creg explains that once this incentive program for the efficient use of energy ends, each marketer will distribute the excess charges to its users who consumed more than their consumption goal, among its users who consumed less than their consumption goal. consumption.

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That is, the commission proposes that those homes, businesses or industries that consume more energy than usual pay an extra cost on their bill and this money will be used to give balances in favor of those who spend less energy.

The penalty for strata 1, 2 and 3 will be 30% per kilowatt that you spend more, while for strata 4, 5 and 6 it will be fifty% per additional kilowatt.

This program will last six months.

Creg establishes penalties… by Zona Cero

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