Holguín Pediatric Microbiology Laboratory almost ready for operation

Holguín Pediatric Microbiology Laboratory almost ready for operation
Holguín Pediatric Microbiology Laboratory almost ready for operation

After more than three decades in use of the Microbiology Laboratory of the Octavio de la Concepción y de la Pedraja pediatric hospital, at the beginning of 2023 it was necessary to begin its capital repair, due to the structural damage that the premises presented. The investment work, after a year of beginning, is almost ready for its entry into operation. However, during that time the important work carried out there has not stopped.

To make this happen, the strategy of intervening in half and continuing the daily work in the other part was followed at first, until it became inevitable to transfer the work to other locations.

In that sense, Isel Calvis Domingo, head of that Department at the pediatric institution, shares some considerations about the function, usefulness and conditions in which the work has been left.

What is the corporate purpose of this Microbiology Laboratory?

-“In addition to processing the samples, organizational tasks, research and teaching work, and administrative tasks are assumed.”

“In our department we work on all the studies carried out to look for the presence of microorganisms in the different types of samples. We also work with residents of the Microbiology specialty, we serve students of Clinical Bioanalysis technology, where we have first and second year students, in this case.”

“We carry out a variety of studies and techniques, we work with different types of equipment. So among the main goals that we have set is the restart and reopening of activities in our laboratory, as we were used to doing.”

As part of the capital repair process in this laboratory, what actions have been taken?

-“We began with a survey of the structural damage, the coating of the plateaus and the hydrosanitary network, which was also very deteriorated. All this was modified, a complete restructuring was done. Some departments were expanded to ensure better workflow. Now a hallway has been designed where clean material is separated from dirty ones.”

“We are going to have an independent entry for the workers, with respect to the samples. Emergency exits required by the laboratory, a sanitary filter and a place where staff will leave their belongings were also designed. So there will be greater comfort when working because we are having a completely new hydro-sanitary and electrical network.

Now we even have keys with sensors so we don’t have to manipulate practically anything inside the apartment. All construction work was modified. New coverings were put in, the veneer and plateaus were replaced. “Everything was done to improve the professional performance of the workers.”

Photo caption: Isel Calvis Domingo, first-degree specialist in Microbiology. Photo: Maylín Betancourt Vedecia.

How much will structural conditions favor better professional performance?

-“We are going to have better lighting, which we really needed. The air conditioning will meet the established requirements. On several occasions we have been visited by the governing bodies to learn about the steps to be taken and all this was taken into account.”

It is admirable how the directors of the institution brilliantly counted on the specialists, who are the ones who work there, to consult us, to know the needs and the workflow that the laboratory needed. In addition, the administrative area was made independent of the laboratory facilities.”

“We will also have a teaching area, a small classroom where we will teach the theoretical part and a room for coloring, where we will be able to teach students in the microscopes how to focus a sample, the different types and thus be able to carry out the practical activities that are required. the same”.

What equipment does this laboratory have?

-“We have equipment consisting of incubators, autoclaves, bright field microscopes and modern touch centrifuges. There we carry out a wide range of studies by having reagents for rapid tests, the only thing we do not have are automated methods for diagnosis.

“We have several rapid tests that have been incorporated, such as dengue, toxoplasma and leptospira tests, which are rapid commercial tests that help us speed up the diagnosis and treatment of patients, once they are confirmed.”

Holguín Pediatric Microbiology Laboratory almost ready for operation 1What strategies have you followed to continue providing services even in the midst of this process?

-“The repair began in March 2023. During this time we had to reorganize, we retreated to the areas that were not being repaired. As we have the advantage that the apartments are independent, everything has its door and is airtight. “First we started in the areas that were not being worked on so that the bricklayers could move forward, so that the process would not stop at any time.”

“The laboratory did not close or stop providing services. Once the laboratory had to be completely intervened, the institution found a location for us that had the greatest number of conditions that we required. And we were given a space where we have the scrubbing part, the culture media, a room with its air conditioning, where we are carrying out the diagnosis part and a place that we did have finished from another repair that had been done previously, which was for the infectious area, which was the one we occupied for taking samples.”

Structural changes have been conceived for a more efficient work flow, waste disposal and biosafety regulations, in accordance with established parameters and standards. The staff who work there will assume their duties in better conditions, which results in double gains: for workers and patients who demand these services.

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