Colombian government approved investment for health system in Guainía

According to the Ministry of Health and Social Protection, the resources will be used for the construction of infrastructure and equipment projects, improving access to primary health care for communities, support for people with disabilities and assistance to the population. migrant

Of the total investment, 95,084 million pesos (a little more than 24 million dollars) will be for the construction of 17 infrastructure and endowment projects.

Of that amount, just under half will be dedicated to the acquisition of a primary river health care center that addresses the territory’s specific travel needs.

Likewise, for the purchase of 19 basic health equipment, with a focus on primary care for the communities, four thousand 678 million (a little more than one million dollars) were allocated, which will be operated by the Renacer Intercultural Departmental Hospital.

The Minister of Health, Guillermo Jaramillo, considered regarding the investment that abandoned and remote territories have priority, “because that is where the State must be for there to be peace.”



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