April 23 draw results

April 23 draw results
April 23 draw results

This Tuesday, April 23, the draws for the Red Cross and Huila lotteriestwo of the most played at the national level.

Remember that, in case you have won any of the prizes, you must go to the lottery headquarters of your department, with your ID, your RUT certificate and the winning ticket in perfect condition.

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The Red Cross Lottery awards a jackpot valued at 5,000 million pesos, whose winner was the one who bought the ticket with the number 4021, series 090.

Likewise, the four dollars, worth 50 million pesos, were delivered to the following numbers:

– 3936, series 144

– 9198, series 062

– 3533, series 160

– 9821, series 050

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In the case of the Huila Lottery, whose jackpot is 1.2 billion pesos, the winning number for this Tuesday’s draw was 6874, series 054. Speaking of Ganafijo, the winning number was 4334.

In the case of the dry for 100 million pesos, this was awarded to the number 3012, series 039. Meanwhile, the five dollars for 60 million were delivered to the following numbers:

– 7446, series 145

– 9223, series 057

– 2365, series 008

– 3924, series 155

– 3155, series 103

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