Paicol, Huila, will represent the country in the Best Tourism Villages of UN Tourism • La Nación

Paicol, Huila, will represent the country in the Best Tourism Villages of UN Tourism • La Nación
Paicol, Huila, will represent the country in the Best Tourism Villages of UN Tourism • La Nación

Paicol (Huila), Puerto Nariño (Amazonas), Jardín (Antioquia), El Cocuy (Boyacá), Orocué (Casanare), Sesquilé (Cundinamarca), Murillo (Tolima) and El Cairo (Valle del Cauca), were selected by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism to represent Colombia, the country of beauty, in the Best Tourism Villages of UN Tourism.

This contest recognizes the best towns for rural tourism around the world that make this activity a way of development and generate new employment and income opportunities. Last year the municipality of Zapatoca, Santander, won the contest as one of the best for rural tourism in the world.

The competition rewards municipalities that preserve and promote community values ​​and products.

The Mincomercio made the call last March when it invited the country’s municipal entities to present their rural tourist destinations. It received 117 applications from 19 departments that were evaluated by a technical committee of the Vice Ministry of Tourism, which chose its nominees.

The Vice Minister of Tourism, Arturo Bravo, highlighted that “the towns that are exponents of our rural tourism nominated this year have the attributes to position Colombia as a sustainable, inclusive and diversified destination, in harmony with the life of local communities.”

Selection criteria

Those selected have less than 15,000 inhabitants, carry out traditional activities such as agriculture, forestry or livestock, and make tourism a way of sharing values ​​and lifestyles of their community.

The selection criteria included the uniqueness and representativeness of tourist attractions in the international market; the actions they carry out in social, environmental and economic sustainability; tourism governance and development, and the tourism infrastructure they have.

Those who were not previously benefited by UN Tourism were prioritized. They will advance their application before this United Nations agency accompanied by the Vice Ministry of Tourism and may be recognized as an example of a rural tourism destination at an international level.

They will be able to access a space for exchanging experiences and good practices, learning and opportunities with more than 100 member destinations around the world, open to contributions from experts and partners from the public and private sectors committed to promoting tourism as a driving force for rural development. .

Villages that fail to meet the expectations of the UN Tourism evaluation committee to be Best Tourism Villages will be taken into account for the Upgrade program, which gives them technical assistance, training and support to improve their practices in rural tourism and sustainability.

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