Las Tunas delegates flag to the national assembly of the BJM

Las Tunas delegates flag to the national assembly of the BJM
Las Tunas delegates flag to the national assembly of the BJM

Las Tunas.- This Wednesday, in Plaza Martiana, Héctor Bolmey Ochoa and Lisandra Aliaga Pérez, delegates from the province to the National Assembly of the José Martí brigade of art instructors (BJM), were flag-bearers, to be held on the 8th and 9th. of May, together with its fifth electoral process.

According to the young man, president of the organization in the territory, it will be the ideal space to make visible the concerns, projects and work strategies of the membership in the Balcón de Oriente, made up of 376 members, approaches emanating -also- from previous assemblies that were held. carried out at the municipal and provincial levels.
According to the leader, among the topics on the agenda is the insertion of the BJM in the Third Improvement of Cuban Education. To consolidate knowledge in this sense, this Wednesday they also exchanged with officials and specialists from the Education and Culture sectors.
“In the National Assembly we will talk about our programming and the 50th Anniversary Cultural Guerrilla, with which we reach areas that are difficult to access. Also about the creative processes, community initiatives and other tasks inherent to the organization. And, especially, we will honor the 20 years of the BJM, created on October 20, 2004, by Commander in Chief Fidel Castro,” added Bolmey, who – like Lisandra – is a theater instructor.
The girl, for her part, has endeared herself to Jobabo for her perseverance and sense of belonging. The children of the Rosendo Arteaga primary school know this well, where she has left her mark, and -also- as president of the BJM in that municipality. “Our work is very sensitive, it takes people out of everyday stress and contributes to their enjoyment. We do not offer anything material, but we touch the soul of human beings,” she expressed some time ago in dialogue with 26.
Bolmey, for his part, since taking office has tried to honor the conviction of defending culture in all possible spaces, especially when – as Darlenis Urquiola, provincial director of Culture, said at the last provincial assembly of the BJM – “ Today we have very good art instructors, with results in schools, cultural houses and other places.”


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