Throughout the province, La Rioja will experience “reading time”

Throughout the province, La Rioja will experience “reading time”

The Government of the Province calls on the people of La Rioja to join the various activities proposed within the framework of the Provincial Literacy Strengthening Program “Let’s Learn Together”, promoted by the Ministry of Education.

This Thursday from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. in all schools, squares, parks, community centers and public organizations there will be activities throughout the province to join the “reading time.”

The Provincial Literacy Strengthening Program seeks to articulate and develop devices with regional scope that promote literacy in compulsory education in its modalities and in continuous training of teachers.

The presentation of this program was one of the actions that were thought of as part of the campaign that promotes literacy in Argentina carried out by the “Argentinos for Education” Foundation, under the motto “Let them understand what they read.” Also, and expressing its support, La Rioja will join the reading day that will take place throughout the country.


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