Another scandal like that of expropriations appears in San Juan

Another scandal like that of expropriations appears in San Juan
Another scandal like that of expropriations appears in San Juan

Exclusive journalistic investigation: After months of research and multiple sources consulted by Zonda Diary was able to corroborate that there is a “tense calm” and an apparent “silence” complicit from various sectors, private and state, of what could “perhaps even should” trigger in another mega judicial case, for a possible scam against a private person, but with the participation of a stupid State or possibly an accomplice, and which involves compensation that the former mining company Barrick must pay today, today “MAS”, which according to sources consulted is possibly due to the impunity with which the Lawyer Sergio Bloiseit is not known whether, on behalf of the mining or State Prosecutor’s Office, because he plays on both sides. According to judicial sources, this would be absolutely incompatible and unethical, but also a possible criminal offense.

The truth is that the situation does not touch provincial state agencies, but rather involves them fully, the main one being State Attorney’s Officewhere the former State Prosecutor – Dr. Jorge Alvo – would have endorsed the lawyer’s intervention Sergio Bloisewho in addition to being a state employee is the representative of Minera MASA (Former Barrick), but the situation does not stop there and although the Trial was between private parties, the entire discussion focuses on one mining easementwhose state orbit is in the hands of the Ministry of Mining of the province, which for one “alleged mistake”it is not known if intentionally forced by the mining company’s lawyers, it did not include a piece of land – Cerro Coronel – that is privately owned – duly accredited in the Trial according to judicial sources consulted – in a mining easement – and in this way the Mining Company Internacional would have used, or rather usurped, for more than 20 years without paying a cent.

Lawyer Sergio Bloise

-The very serious thing about this situation is not only that the mining company’s lawyer –Sergio Bloise – is also a lawyer for the State Prosecutor’s Office and in a very high position, but a presentation by this lawyer apparently with procedural bad faithconfused the first Judge Adriana Tettamantti intervening in the case, thus seeking to demonstrate that the mining company MAS would be the owner of the land where this international company has installed communication antennas that allow neither more nor less than the operation of the Mine, but then it would have appeared indisputable and categorical documentation that allows us to assure, (this medium has all the documentation), that the mining company that Bloise represents never had an easement right granted by the Ministry of Mining, much less the ownership thereof, which would have generated a severe and profound discomfort being in the courtroom and a call to attention to the lawyer Bloise.

The truth is that apparently, and in this it aims to demonstrate justice, the international mining company under the representation of Bloise would have tried to make the state step on the stick (leaving it as stupid or inefficient) to acquire private property that has the proper accreditation, using land for more than 20 years without authorization from the owner of the land, much less complying with what the law mandates, which is to request a Mining Easement, at the expense of of the Provincial state -Ministry of Mining. Now, after a thorough investigation and warning that the Mining company, represented by the lawyer Sergio Bloise, has lost the trial being obliged to compensate the individual for more than one million dollars- 100 million pesos – they say and so it seems that for arrogance mixed with impunity of those who sought to take over private property without having any rights.

According to different judicial sources consulted, the possible consequences of this scandal could lead to the Provincial State being jointly responsible with the Mining Company or a Criminal investigation must be initiated – since the question they left raised is: How come the State did not properly control the easement in discussion and how is it that the same lawyer – Bloise – he plays on both sides of the counter, he tries to harm the state while the state itself pays him to defend it, once again he appears in the spotlight State Attorney’s Officewhere even the former prosecutor Jorge Alvoallowed this apparent and serious not only incompatibility in functions, but the presence of a possible criminal offense, Was it because of pride? Because of impunity? Or because of some hidden interest?

Former prosecutor Jorge Alvo

This medium could have known that the Mining Council of the Ministry of Mining has recognized on August 16, 2023, (EXPTE. 425-000255.2003), that the property of the private person who was sued by the mining company and with representation of Bloise, was neither cited nor included in the mining easement of which He tried to use the company to apparently and that is supposed not paying and justice for a possible usurpation of more than 20 yearss, which would not only bring civil but criminal consequences, according to legal experts consulted. It seems that by mistake the land next door was mentioned, which has no known owner.but in which the convicted mineror installed the antennas or used the propertythat is, the alleged error appears almost as an accomplice in a possible deception not only to the private sector, but also to the State itself, which did not control it or did it poorly.

It is about this last thing that raises the alarm bells about this supposed “error”, since the most striking thing of all is that the person suing is the mining company MAS in the hands of Sergio Bloisewho apparently and according to judicial reports would have forced confusion in the magistrate to obtain a precautionary measure, invoking that the International Mining Company had an easement of passage granted by the Ministry of Mining, a situation that in the short term would have been completely denied, to the point such that it would have been proven that the mining company never had and has any right over Cerro Coronel, which would prove the attempt to appropriate illegally of a property, apparently seeking or forcing an error by the Provincial State – Ministry of Mining – of the that Bloise must defend the interests because he is a lawyer for the State Prosecutor’s Officebut what would be very serious The fact is that the lawyer’s participation is as a representative of the Mining Company, not of the State Prosecutor’s Office, and today the sources consulted say that they are from that sector generating influence to stop the case.

It has been the State itself, almost twenty years later, that has alerted the situation that said Mining company does not have any servitude, as Dr. Bloise would have assured in his complaint and it seems that just the “little mistake” It was for a neighboring farm, but which is a kilometer away. According to the Justice, thanks to that “little mistake” the International company achieved a savings of almost a million dollars in 20 years of apparent usurpationthis is where the doubts appear, where the shadow of the Mega Cause of Expropriations (today on trial after more than 10 years of waiting) appears Will it be an error from miles away or will this uncover the apparent legal business of mining easements, which leave hundreds of thousands of dollars for a few, and where lawyers, officials and powerful mining companies apparently get involved?

It is difficult to believe given the recent past that it is a “simple” mistake, as the saying goes, when noise dreams it is because it brings water and there is more than a million reasons to think not. This first part of the investigation leaves the bitter taste that impunity and greed stain the noble and laudable mining industry. In the second phase, this medium will analyze and publish the possible and suspicious incompatibility of the lawyer Sergio Bloise and the former State Prosecutor Jorge Alvo, in this case and how they would now be seeking, with presentations and contacts from the Ministry of Mining, that the judicial process stops.

Zonda Diary He tried to communicate with the authorities of the Ministry of Mining, however, he did not receive answers because Minister Perea is at a mining meeting outside the province, in Catamarca.

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