Who owns the megalot that they invaded in Caucasia and that has the SAE and the Government at odds?

Who owns the megalot that they invaded in Caucasia and that has the SAE and the Government at odds?
Who owns the megalot that they invaded in Caucasia and that has the SAE and the Government at odds?
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For more than a month, hundreds, thousands of people have come to invade Hacienda Santa Helena, an immense unoccupied lot that is practically in the urban area of ​​the municipality of Caucasiawith the hope that the municipal, departmental or national government will give them not only the permission, but the tools to build their own houses.

EL COLOMBIANO published a complete report in which he detailed the situation experienced by the inhabitants of the invasion and the problems faced by the authorities who must, on the one hand, provide a solution to people in vulnerable conditions, but on the other set a precedent so that these irregular occupations are not replicated throughout the territory.

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After the publication of the report, the government of Antioquia and the Sociedad de Activos Especiales, SAE, representing the national government, have clashed over the visions they have to address the problem.

According to the governor of Antioquia, Andrés Julián Rendónseveral weeks ago, when the invasion had not yet reached the magnitude it reached now, a Unified Command Post had been installed whose objective, according to what it says, was to characterize the population, find solutions and return the property to its owner, in this case, the SAE.”

However, The SAE, who according to the governor is the owner of the property, for now has no intention of ordering an eviction or anything of that nature.but, on the contrary, dismissed a complaint that the “custodian” of the property had filed, requesting the eviction of a property that has a lease contract in force since 2020.

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The Government of Antioquia says that the property belongs to the SAE, but the SAE, for its part, says that it is not yet its own, but that it only manages it. In the end who is right?

The story is the following: Since 1998 the hacienda has been owned by Juan Gabriel Úsuga Noreña, a confessed former drug trafficker who in 2001 was extradited to the United States. According to the deeds of the three lots that make up the property, Úsuga paid $1,225 million for them and two years later, he would put them in the name of a company he owned “Finca Santa Helena SA”.

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In 2003, he sold an easement to the gas and energy transportation company, Promigas, for about $25 million.

In 2004, The Prosecutor’s Office seized the property for the purpose of asset forfeiture. In this domain forfeiture litigation, the property has been in possession for 20 years, since In the first instance the judge ruled in favor of Úsugaa decision that was appealed by the SAE, which still has no definitive response.

Meanwhile, the SAE has not managed the land itself but the company Hacienda Santa Helena SA who has a settlement agent called Army Judith Escandón. Escandón was precisely the one who filed the initial complaint requesting the eviction of the lot.

The conclusion of this is that the lot is not owned by the SAE yet Nor is the SAE properly “private” as the government claims when it says it wants to protect private property. Nevertheless, The SAE does monitor and control the administration of the property that is in charge of Escandón as liquidation agent. Administration that, as revealed in the report published in this newspaper, also leaves some questions.

Well, in 2020 Escandón, as a representative of the society, signed a lease contract for a value of $6,000,000 plus monthly VAT (very low for the characteristics of the lot) with Marisela del Carmen Cossio Jaramillo and Farid Segundo Vélez Henaohusbands and owners of the Polytechnic Dental Research and Training Center, Ciandco, Caucasia.

It turns out that just weeks after signing that lease, the name of Farid Segundo Vélez appeared in a chat between Carlos Ramón Zapataa former paramilitary and drug trafficker who in the 80s sent more than 170 tons of cocaine to the United States and who was Úsuga’s brother-in-law, and Diego Rafael Patiño, a renowned Colombian lawyer.

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It turns out that the chats between Zapata and Patiño are part of the evidence that the Prosecutor’s Office has in a process in which it seeks to determine if Zapata and other drug traffickers made agreements with the former domain extinction prosecutor Ana Catalina Noguera so that she would give them benefits precisely in the processes of forfeiture of ownership of their assets or even save them from extradition.

Well, the message between Zapata (don’t forget that he is Úsuga’s ex-brother-in-law, owner of the Santa Helena lot) says the following: “the new figurehead of José Bayron Piedrahíta—aka the Arab or the Patron of Caucasia—is called Faryd Vélez, owner of the Cauca Polytechnic and Army Judith Escandón’s record. “They already promised him our farm, Santa Helena.”

Faryd Vélez, who they are talking about, is the tenant of Santa Helena, and José Bayron Piedrahíta, was a powerful boss of the Envigado Office who, for so much “collaborating” with justice, has only paid a six-month prison sentence in the United States. and in 2022 he was sentenced to six years in prison in Colombia for money laundering, as the court determined that “This man established companies in Colombia, Argentina and Panama, between 1998 and May 2016, with the purpose of hiding drug trafficking resources”.

Thus, the conclusion is that Hacienda Santa Helena, where in less than a month 5,000 families arrived to settle in lots six meters wide by twelve meters long, It is still owned by former drug trafficker Juan Gabriel Úsuga, but for 20 years it has been managed by the SAEthrough the company Hacienda Santa Helena SA, which has a liquidator named Army Judith Escandón and who in 2020 rented it to a man named Faryd Vélez, who appears in some chats of a former drug trafficker as the front man of José Bayron Piedrahíta.

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As an alternative to the complex situation, The SAE has proposed other lands to the invaders that do not have the legal problems of this and which they can dispose of. However, these are located in rural areas and far from other nearby municipalities, which is why the invaders have not entertained the idea of ​​voluntarily evicting.

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