Alert in the run-up to the League Cup semi-final: four firearms were kidnapped in Boca buses and Rafa Di Zeo and 59 other fans were charged

Alert in the run-up to the League Cup semi-final: four firearms were kidnapped in Boca buses and Rafa Di Zeo and 59 other fans were charged
Alert in the run-up to the League Cup semi-final: four firearms were kidnapped in Boca buses and Rafa Di Zeo and 59 other fans were charged

The Córdoba Police seized firearms from Boca fans

Within hours of the meeting the semi-finals of the League Cup between Boca Juniors and Estudiantes de La Platain the stadium Mario Alberto Kempes From , Four firearms were seized from one of the buses that transported supporters and xeneizes bars. The search was carried out by the Córdoba Police, who reported on the procedure carried out at the Toledo toll on the Córdoba-Rosario Highway on social networks.

The leader of the group was traveling in the vehicle in which the weapons were found. The 12, Rafael Di Zeo, who was charged, like the other 59 passengers placed at the disposal of the Río Segundo prosecutor’s office. In the operation, each of the people involved was identified and incorporated under the program Safe Tribuneso they were prevented from continuing their journey to the stadium, and disqualified from watching the match.

Weapons in micro of the Boca bar in Córdoba

The passengers of said group were transferred to the Río Segundo Prosecutor’s Office, charged and released, after the corresponding procedures, determining the prohibition of attendance at the League Cup semi-final. A prohibition of approaching the facilities was also established, so they started their return – in the same vehicle – to the city of Buenos Aires.

“Four firearms have been seized so far, one of them hidden inside the air conditioning of one of the buses checked. The procedure is carried out after preventive actions that continue to be developed, within the framework of the semifinal between the Boca Juniors and Estudiantes de la Plata clubs,” reported the Córdoba Police, in charge of the security operation on the routes, surroundings, entrance and Egress of the public from Boca and Pincha. The troops of Squadron 65 They found the revolvers hidden under the seats, in the light panels of the bus and on the floor. The guns were wrapped in socks or clothing.

As far as he could know Infobaethey controlled some 60 buses of both teams. The bus in which the weapons were found was delayed and two people were arrested for possessing them, after their own confession.

In total, the search found four firearms in the Boca Juniors buses

Boca supporters were asked to travel along Route 9, while those from Pincha were recommended to travel along Route 8 to Río Cuarto. Unlike the Superclásico, this time Boca had the popular Willington and the full Ardiles Norte and Gasparini stalls. Meanwhile, the León had the popular Artime and the Ardiles Sur stalls.

Another police incident took place at the entrance control to the Mario Alberto Kempes stadium. There, the agents proceeded to arrest a 34-year-old man, who was reselling tickets for the game at high prices. The Police seized 1,600,000 pesos and original tickets.

New video of the search in the buses of the Boca bar

The bus with the weapons was stopped on the Route and will not access Córdoba

It is worth mentioning that tonight’s scenario is the same as that of one of the valid quarterfinal matches, considered high risk, between Boca and River last Sunday. In general terms, those in charge of security in Córdoba were satisfied with the operation, which included more than 1,800 security personnel and up to two helicopters to escort the parties of both teams in entering and leaving the province and the field.

Ahead of the Superclásico, several River buses had been delayed on the route by security officers who confiscated a good amount of knives and bottles of alcohol. On that occasion, 190 vehicles from both fans had been inspected.

Where will the League Cup final be played? The authorities of the Professional League and the AFA have already arranged that the Madre de Ciudades stadium in Santiago del Estero will host the decisive clash between Vélez and tonight’s winner, next Sunday (it will start at 3:30 p.m.).

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