The case for the femicide of Cecilia Strzyzowski was brought to oral trial

Although no remains of the 28-year-old’s body were ever found, judicial officials noted that this “does not prevent the accusation of the crime of homicide against César Sena from being sustained. “This conclusion is based on other solid elements of evidence present in the file, which support the commission of the crime.”

“This requirement contains a readjustment of the facts after an exhaustive analysis of the case, having concluded the preparatory criminal investigation, together with our colleagues we understood that the most convincing theory of the case to present before a popular jury was to maintain that César Sena is the material author of Cecilia’s death, which did not occur without the indispensable collaboration of her parents, Emerenciano Sena and Marcela Acuña,” they stated.

In any case, the Guarantees judge will be the one who decides if the case reaches that stage.

Femicide of Cecilia Strzyzowski: Who are the accused?

Caesar Sena, husband of the victim, was charged with “homicide doubly aggravated by the bond and by having been committed in the context of gender violence.” While, Emerenciano Sena and Marcela Acuña, They stopped being co-authors to become “necessary participants.”

Marcela Acuña César Emerenciano Sena

For its part, Gustavo Melgarejo, Gustavo Obregón, Griselda Reinoso and Fabiana González, close to the Sena family, maintain the figure of “aggravated concealment”although it remains to be determined whether they will be included in the same jury trial or whether they will be part of another debate.



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