a sandpiper was tied up in a bathroom – Chajarí Digital

a sandpiper was tied up in a bathroom – Chajarí Digital
a sandpiper was tied up in a bathroom – Chajarí Digital

The Puma service station, located in Pajonal, a few kilometers from the city of Victoria, suffered the theft of more than 5 million pesos. The assault was carried out by two criminals, who were believed to be brothers, and one of them was arrested.

In this regard, the head of the Victoria Police Department, Claudio Passadore, stated that “around 10:30 this Monday, we became aware of a robbery classified as illegitimate deprivation of liberty, at the Puma service station, located in kilometer 87 of Route 11.”

He explained that “the manager had been approached by two men who entered the Administration office and at gunpoint, demanded the money, and then left him with seals on his hands and feet, sitting on the toilet in the bathroom of the same office. ”.

The loot consisted “of a collection from Saturday to Monday, of about 5 million pesos, which were later kidnapped when the participating vehicle was seized,” confirmed the police official.

The search and arrest operation

The Police began searching for the alleged perpetrators: “It was learned that they were traveling in a white Fiat Mobi, which fled in the direction of Victoria. An operation was implemented at the entrance to the city, with two police cordons, and when the driver saw this deployment, he unexpectedly returned along the road towards the service station area,” Passadore explained and added: “About 300 meters before the “At the scene, it was intercepted by the mobile phones of the Rural Crime Prevention Directorate and Pajonal, where there was already only one occupant and he was apprehended.”

As confirmed to FM Station Plus Crespo From the Victoria Department, the detainee is a 38-year-old man, residing in Avellaneda, province of Buenos Aires.

Regarding the vehicle search authorized by justice, he highlighted: “A sum of around 5 million pesos that had been stolen was seized, as well as elements that are of interest to the case.”

The individual was arrested for committing “qualified robbery and unlawful deprivation of liberty.”

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