The Government insists before the Nation on priority works for the people of Salta

The Province maintains efforts for the Nation to resume financing a set of public works that have been paralyzed since last December despite the commitment made by the previous central administration.

Among other priorities presented to the Secretariats of Provinces and Public Works are the continuity of the construction of more than 2,000 homes, the elevation of the El Limón dam, the national route 9/34 highway between Rosario de la Frontera – Yatasto, the paving of national route 40 between Seclantás – Molinos, a new bridge for Vaqueros and the Judicial City of Oran.

The issue was discussed in the meeting that the Executive ministers held at Government House. This was after the meeting that the heads of Infrastructure and Economy and Public Services, Sergio Camacho and Roberto Dib Ashurcarried out last week in Buenos Aires.

Camacho, who is also in charge of the Liaison and Political Relations Coordination, reported the decision to complete the construction of 17 Child Development Centers (CDI) with a provincial budget, as well as the work of the El Limón village in the San Martín department. . He also commented that the implementation of a prior savings system is being analyzed to provide continuity to the construction of homes.

The head of the Public Health portfolio, Federico Mangionereported that it is analyzing the presentation of a legal action before the Supreme Court of Justice for the amount of resources that the Nation stopped sending to different sectors such as oncological patients, supplies and reagents, among others, essential for diagnoses, treatments of diseases and for prevention .

Dib Ashur reported on the sending to the Legislature of the Financial Administration Law project, an instrument “so that the Salta accounts have greater control, greater efficiency in decision-making, and to have systematic information from all areas together.”

In the Puna of Salta, and given the rise in mining activity, the Government is studying setting up a control post in which the areas of Revenue, Production with phytosanitary controls, Roads, Road Safety, Police, Labor and Mining will interact.

The rector of UPATECO, Carlos Morello, presented to the ministers the 2024 academic offer, which is renewed month by month in response to the demand for training in capital and the interior.

Present at the meeting were the Ministers of Government, Human Rights and Labor, Ricardo Villada; Education, Culture, Science and Technology; Cristina Fiore; of Social Development, Mario Mimessi; of Tourism and , Mario Peña; the Administrative coordinator, Nicolás Demitrópulos; the Secretary General of the Interior, Matilde López Morillo; and the Secretary of Communication, Cecilia Allemand.


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