May 1 marches in Colombia: route, schedules and concentration points of the Labor Day demonstrations

May 1 marches in Colombia: route, schedules and concentration points of the Labor Day demonstrations
May 1 marches in Colombia: route, schedules and concentration points of the Labor Day demonstrations

Colombia is made into a ring. The Government of President Gustavo Petro has turned the traditional May 1 march, which unites workers around their demands and demands, into the response to the opposition. If the massive protests on April 21 gave voice to the criticism of the reforms proposed by the Casa de Nariño, its negotiations for total peace with the ELN and other armed groups, and the relationship with Nicolás Maduro; Tomorrow’s ones promise a menu with a marked pro-government accent.

The president of one of the factions of the General Confederation of Labor (CGT), Percy Oyola, to walk with the workers and listen to their speech, while Miryam Luz Triana, president of the most critical faction of the CGT (the second largest labor union in Colombia is divided), claimed in the magazine Week that political use is being given to the annual workers’ meeting. Even the CGT of Antioquia will not march in protest. “With or without a platform I will walk in the May Day march, I invite you to join me. Many times they have tried to silence me and the people. To avoid this, there are megaphones. This May 1 we are going to walk so that Colombia advances,” said President Gustavo Petro through igniting debate among workers.

Hours and concentration points of the Labor Day march in Colombia

In Bogotá, the call made by the General Confederation of Labor (CGT), the Unitary Central of Workers (CUT) and the Confederation of Colombian Workers (CTC), almost all divided for political reasons, starts from Primero de Mayo Avenue with Caracas at 8:30 in the morning, and will continue in the National Park, the National University (Calle 26) and the Bogotá Planetarium at 9:00 a.m. The plan is for the protesters to gather in Plaza de Bolívar, the center of political power in the Colombian capital, at 12 noon.

Cities Concentration points Schedules
Bogota From the National Park to Plaza Bolívar 9:00 am
Medellin From Milagrosa Park to Berrío Park 8:30 a.m.
Cali From Parque Obrero to Puerto Resistencia 8:30 a.m.
Barranquilla From the Universal Cemetery Park to the Plaza de la Memoria 8:00 am
Cartagena From UDC Piedra de Bolívar to Napoleón Perea 7:30 am
Valledupar From Plaza Primero de Mayo to Sinaltrainal 8:00 am
Sogamous From Río Chiquito to Plaza de la Villa 9:00 am
Manizales From Cable Plaza to Plaza de Bolívar 9:00 am
Florence San Francisco Park 9:00 am
Neiva From the Convention Center to Santander Park 8:00 am
Yopal Santander Park 8:00 am
Cauca Popayán and La Chirimía 9:00 am
crashed Quibdó and Banco de la República 9:00 am
San José del Guaviare Government Square 8:00 am

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